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Tadpole Treble (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on August 29, 2016 at 1:25 AM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m visiting the tadpole pond only to get scooped up by a pelican and somehow end up on the top of a mountain in Tadpole Treble. I didn’t mean to type “Tadpole Trouble”, but “Treble”, because on this musical journey as a tadpole, you’re defiantly going to face some trouble, and also due to being punny. I’ll see if this tadpole’s adventure can be ribbiting, or will it be toad that it’s not so ribbiting? Let’s hop right in!


When first getting into the title screen and naming your tadpole egg of a save file, you’ll be able begin the adventure (as well the beginning of a new life) of Baton the tadpole. After hatching from her tadpole egg, Baton begins swimming with already a sense of rhythm intact through Tadpole Pond, where her parents will give her the basics on what she needs to do (sorta like a starting tutorial level, as well as what parents do for their children, regardless of species). After swimming out too far, a pelican scoops up Baton in it’s pouch, and then takes off into the sky, separating Baton from her parents and thousands of siblings. All seems lost for the snack sized Baton, but she just kept swimming and bonking on the inside of the pelicans’ pouch, eventually making it open up and escaping into a river that was on top of a mountain. It’s up to you now to help Baton reach the bottom and reunite with her parents and siblings at Tadpole Pond. Water you waiting for? Hop to it!


A pianist must’ve dropped their music sheet from the start of this mountain, the waters are filled with a musical staffs everywhere, which is surprisingly good for the environment since it gives our animal buddies some tunes to listen to (and some good ones in this case). Baton swims forward most of the time, and can navigate up and down through the five horizontal lines and six spaces of the underwater musical staff, which has notes in them that create music when Baton passes by them, however, they’re spiky, and shouldn’t be touched, or else it’ll hurt Baton. Baton is nearly defenseless against some of the bigger predators that can gobble her up by opening their mouth. she can do a tail whip bamboo and cymbals, and when her treble charge meter is full, she can activate her treble charge, to show those spiky notes who’s revving the treble here. Other obstacles and predators will get in Baton’s way from above and below the water, even in treble charge mode, and it’s up to you to guide Baton from the beginning to the end of the level.


If you’ve been reading (or at least, have seen) a certain webcomic over the years, the hand drawn animations should look familiar to you, and in motion here, it bursts out with more charm and life, even when things turn from treble to trouble for Baton. To add more to the visuals, the soundtrack just feels like it came from the visuals when it was drawn, as if the animations were drawn with a baton stick. Levels would mix it up each time, the visuals on one level took an oldie (but a goodie) retro look with chiptunes intact, with another level making you play the stage in reverse, and some levels had vocal lyrics in them, making an already catchy soundtrack more catchy to catch on to all the times I catched this catch and typed in more catches into this sentence, if you catch my catch?


Baton’s musical adventure from start to end might not be the longest, however, there’s a couple of reasons why you’ll keep coming back to hear Sonata’s love single. At the top right corner of each level, you’ll notice a sign showing a total amount you have at the moment, and total in…..well, total. These things are bubbles (the good kind), and each level has a total of 100 of them, the more you collect, the more goodies you can unlock from Etude at the bubble bank at Bullfrog Grove, such as a music player or more info for the bestiary (with puns and facts in them). Each level has five medals you can collect that require you to play the stage in different ways, such as getting a perfect rank, to a not so perfect rank, as well as doing a challenge to achieve a challenge fly.


If you want one of those “impossible” challenges in games that less than half of all players can complete, there’s the concerto mode, which is a single life, no continues run of all of the games stages, if you can somehow complete this mode that would be more than a tadpole amazing. What’ll keep you coming back the most would have to be the composition mode. In this mode, you can create your very own music and stages for Baton to swim in, making her adventures keep swimming and swimming. The gamepad’s touchscreen is used to place notes, objects and tools onto the musical staff, which feels NOICE and easy to do (but challenging to create a masterpiece of musical art), and is one of the biggest appealing factors with the Wii U version. After creating a work of art or a unique mess of notes, you can save it as a QR code and share it with other tadpoles out there, as well as going for more swims by scanning QR codes from other tadpoles.


All and all, Tadpole Treble is a rhythm game that’ll make the Wii U eShop ponds more fresh and cheery. Baton’s musical journey was indeed musical and catchy during the entire adventure, and the adventures don’t have to stop thanks to additional challenges and the composition mode (one of these days, i'll make a song from Ristar the Shooting Star in it!). If you thought I was going end it with an amphibian pun, well TOO BAD, ESHOP GURUS SCORE TIME!


I give Tadpole Treble 9 tadpoles out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $9.99

Memory used: 703 MB

Review code provided by: Bitfinity


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