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Ninja Smasher! (3DS eShop)

Posted by Undead_terror on July 24, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Ninja Smasher! for the 3DS, this action platformer in the sub category of Metroidvania style was published by PUMO. This game costs $3.99 US/$4.99 CAN £2.93 UK/EU and needs 343 blocks to download.



In this game we are put into a world of Japanese folklore, you will see many monsters like Kappas, Yuki-onna, bats....snakes? ok they are pretty normal creatures. You play as a ninja with no name and you must save the princess of the kingdom from the evil monster lord, King Tengu by using your awesome ninja skills!. At the start of the game you were about to rescue the princess, however King Tengu pushes you out of the castle and you have no way back in, you now must travel the world and get more powerful to go against Tengu. Now onward our ninja hero, find the powers to defeat the monster lord and save the day!.



You must walk throughout this Metroidvania style game, if you don't know what that means, it means you must go throughout the world that you can also backtrack to get anything you may of missed, you will need to go back as there will be puzzles that requires items you can get later in the game, it's a maze with secrets pretty much!. The controls are simple, D pad is to move, A is to jump, B is to use your sword, Y is to use your special items (L/R to quick change between them), and X brings up the inventory screen, sadly you can't edit the controls, but after a bit you get use to the controls.



The bottom screen (aka the touch screen) shows the gameplay as the top screen shows the world map and your items, there is no 3D effect in the game so get that image of a 3D world map out of your mind right now!. Now let's talk about the gameplay!, as stated above those are the controls, you can go up and hit enemies, you can jump over them and press down A to do a downward thrust that will make you go down at a fast pace right into a enemy, then you can use Y to use your special items (no spoilers for later in game items here) in 8 different directions on how you use the D pad!.



This is where the game becomes unique and fun! you can do combo attacks/kills!, how do you do this? well different enemies take different amounts of hits, and there can be multiple enemies around, you can jump at a enemy, attack them and then suddenly bounce which you can do another jump to either attack attack them again (if they take multiple hits), or you can jump to a enemy and attack them!, the cycle can repeat!. Some puzzles in the game will require this and pretty early in the game as well, your sword is also a starting special item that can make you lung toward a direction, and with this you can go through lots of enemies within seconds!...still counts as one hit per enemy though.



In the game you can find items throughout the world like hearts to increase your health, scrolls to increase your magic power, and special items. After killing enemies you can get gold coins in which you can go spend it at a Tanooki shop! yes the only creature that don't harm you is a Tanooki, but it will harm your wallet, you can buy hearts, scrolls, items here. Later in game some special items will use up your magic, but the magic will refill over time, or you can buy a bottle of magic potion to fill up your magic quicker, you can also get potion to fill your health!



There is a variety of "levels" in the world ranging from grasslands to mountains, to forests, to even graveyards! each area has it's own dungeon you must explore and beat the boss of said dungeon, then you will be able to get a special item and continue your quest! you will need to go back to areas once you get new items to explore more of what was blocked by a certain obstacle. Nothing is too hard but you might get lost or might not know what to do, but that's metroidvania style games for you, if you are good enough you can beat the game within a couple of hours, but don't fret about the game being too short, there is achievements to beat and 54 at that!



The art style in the game is all glorious pixels, most stuff will look chibi and cute, however some things will look like stuff from RPG maker and other things not as detailed, but for the most part it's all good. While the controls are smooth, at times depending where you are at the game, the game can lag (was using my New 3DS XL), it's noticeable but the lag pain will go away soon enough, there is also a couple areas I found out you can skip to areas by doing certain jumps that are not suppose to go to yet. Other then that the audio is good, the game only has a couple songs sadly, there is only one overworld song while dungeons and caves got their own special themes.



At the end of the day, Ninja Smasher! is a fun little game, platformer and Metroidvania fans should definitely give this a try, it's worth the price, first run of the game should take a few hours at least, then you can always go back to earn the achievements!, I had no real issues playing this game beside the lag in certain areas, but other then that it is all good.



Rating: 8/10




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