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3D Game Collection

Posted by Morpheel on January 22, 2014 at 4:05 PM

Guru Morpheel here to talk about 3D Game Collection by Joindots.


It's been a slow month for us in terms of reviews, so I decided to review one of the games I bought during the big Christmas sale from last year.


3D Game Collection promises 55 exciting classic games in three beautifully designed environments. However, by that they actually mean that you have three different "toy boxes" with about 20 different unique games in them, most of them are shared and recolored in the "boxes" and some are even repeated within a same "box", only a few are unique and exclusive.


The environments themselves are certainly nice to look at and each one comes with different song and unique designs for the components of the games. If you have played any of Joindots games before, then the music and graphics will feel familiar... Which can be nice.


The games themselves are a mixed bunch. They range from "quick, accessible fun" to "confusing and boring"; for different tastes, any game included can be in any side of the scale. For example, the "Spot the Difference" game is pretty well crafted but the images are always the same, and the Mahjong solitaire included plays perfectly but you can't choose the layout (it's chosen at random). I couldn't understand the Card Solitaire at all, but I'm sure others can play it.


This game also gives you trophies for playing the games but... Even though each game keeps a score and records the top three, each one has different criteria for how to obtain trophies. For example, the two games I mentioned before, Spot the Difference and Mahjong, use time and score respectively.


However, in Spot the Difference you can just tap away to get the best trophy with 0 score and in Mahjong it's almost impossible to get a high score because matching tiles always gives you the same points and most of the time there are simply not enough tiles in the layouts the game gives you. One leaves score meaningless and the other one simply features a broken scoring system.


The other games feature similar issues, so it's better to just play the games for enjoyment and just forget about the trophies altogether. Thankfully, the majority of the games are pretty playable and are good time wasters.


None of the games feature multiplayer, not even the ones where it would make a lot of sense. The AI is decent enough for a quick game though, so I don't really mind it.


In the end... This game, although rather mediocre, is entertaining and I like having it on my 3DS, It's currently my go-to time waster. I give it a sparkly 6 out of 10.

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