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Party Crashers (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on October 15, 2018 at 3:35 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, i'm gonna rev up and crash those engies in Party Crashers. The logo on this party might feel familiar for those who've played Party Golf, but that was a game of golf, this is a game with cars, but one thing the same, there's bananas that you can control. I'm gonna crash into this party, to see if it's worth sharing the road with others, or will I crash before the car even moves? Let's crash into this review!

Once you've crashed into the main menu, you'll have the option selcet a game mode to custaimze the game, or quickly get a game started. Each mode will have you drivivng on a course while sharing the road with three other cars battling it with items on the road, but the only thing you can't share are the bragging rights of coming out on top. There's a total of four modes, however you'll only have elimnation to start out with, as the other modes need to be unlocked by either compleating ten matches of eleination, or if you want to play another mode first, check the settings to unlock everything.

The starting mode, elimination, have the cars driving for their lives, using items to knock each other out, all while trying to avoid getting left behind as a deadly force is on their tail, once touch will cause your car to explode, so last one driving is the winner. The next mode, race, is what it is, the cars will go around the course to see who comes in first place, with the next mode, time trials, being about aiming for the best lap times. The last mode is battle, where each car has to engang in combat with one another to see who's still dririvng in the end. While I explained the basics of each mode, there's more than meets the eyes, as each mode has other modes within them, such as battle also including coin chase, or race having a 15-second dash mode.

A returning feature from Party Golf are the many different things you can customize for cars, courses, and the driving itself. Cars can deck out their looks and power up of choice, as well as setting handicaps Speaking of cars, at first I've found controling them on the course to be slippery, kept falling off around the turns with no walls at the side. Usually in racing games this would be the part to drift, however, there is no drifting with these cars. Around those sharp turns, slowing down helped me stay on track.

All of this can be played by yourself with or without the ai controlling the other cars, but for a better party expereince, three others can crash into the party with you, and trust me, they'll be crashing along side you. The many different kinds of ways to edit the course and mutators can keep each drive feeling fresh and wild as the last, you can even change the camera showing splitscreen or a top down perspective.

For those who've played Party Golf, the atmosphere of that game will feel famaialr when playing this game, with menus and the title jingle being similar to the ones in Party Golf, so in a way, you'd feel right at home. The light on Crasher's “Party” logo shines brighter in comparasion, showcasing the emphasis of the neon colors around the course, making it feel like, in a way, the battles on the road can be something straight out of Tron.

All and all, Party Crashers did indeed crash, but crashed for (mostly) the right reasons. While gettig used to driving your car around sharp turns can be tricky at first, the drive on the road would be worth it if you had others to share the road with, altough, sharing the road tecinally isn't how you're supposed to win, but instead, you're supposed to do anything the oppisite!

I give Party Crashers 8 Bananamobiles out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $15.00

Memory used: 1.1 GB

Review code provided by: Giant Margarita

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