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Discovery (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on June 7, 2018 at 8:25 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to discover another review down below in Discovery. What will I discover? Hopefully a diamond, or else otherwise, i'll find nothing but rocks. Now, let's dig into this review!

I'll just get it out of the way, this game shares many similarities with Minecraft, which has been out for almost a decade now. Discovery was released on other platforms before, such as the Wii U, but with the PS4 version, VR support was added in, giving the experience something that it needed to make this discovery stand out from being another clone. The Switch version lacks the VR support due to Switch not having VR (labo doesn't count), so that's something which could potentially be a deal breaker considering Minecraft is already on the Switch. With that being said, can Discovery, despite some of the stuff mentioned above, still find it's place to be discovered onto many Switch consoles?

If you're familiar with the creative mode in Minecraft, then you'll understand the basics of Discovery's gameplay mechanics. To begin, you first have to select some layouts for your world, including the name, which all can be changed after saving. You either can start off with mountains being present in your world, to having a flat world to walk on. From there, you'll have a wide variety of block colors and designs to choose from, from there, you can build whatever you want. There's also a good amount of other objects to mess around with, which can help add more details to your world's walls. If you're using a lot of the same objects for something, there's a section for you to store ten items, which can help you to quick access items when needed, or if you needed an item that's in front of you but don't want to look for it, pressing the R button will highlight it blue, and you'll be equipped with whatever was highlighted.

That's it for the basics for Discovery, you'll discover what this game has to offer you pretty quickly, as there are no zombies or any kind of story, you're just living out your life building things with different colored bricks and tuna in seaweed. You can explore and find new parts of the world to build, and thankfully your character (Discovery Dave?) has the power to take flight to traverse the land much easier, and you can see his face by picking different camera angles. Even though you can build more, there's really not a lot else going on in your world to make it feel more active. It acts like a normal world with day to night cycles, playing the same few tunes which are just there, but don't add much to the experience, and a lot of times, it cuts to complete silence. Most of the objects are just basic items, no furniture in sight, and the few animals all just walk around and don't really do anything, besides the goat and sheep, they make a sound. Something like a tin can that you could kick around would add something to do in your world. The trailer showed some cool things you could build, such as a race track, and having a vehicle or a horse to ride around on would've added more to do, as well as sneaking in a “race mode” without really adding it in, however, that's not the case, but instead, it'll be more of a jogging track.

Despite not much going on in the world, you can help shake off the repetitiveness by having other Discovery Daves join in your world. This game has local 4-player co-op, so you can go around and build things together with others. The only issue is that currently, you can only play local co-op with other players if they use a pro controller, so playing this on the go with a buddy with the joy-cons isn't possible, however, this is being looked into, and will hopefully be patched to support all players using a joy-con.

All and all, this Discovery turned out to be a passable one, and recommending it can vary for reasons. If you wanted a cheaper version of the creative mode in Minecraft on your switch, for the price, it would be a good alternative. However, if you already own Minecraft on the Switch, this would be tougher to recommend, though a bit easier if you had the physical version of Minecraft and wanted a downloadable version so you'll always have brown bricks to build stuff with.

I give Discovery 6 Saturns out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $7.99

Memory used: 135MB

Review code provided by: Noowanda

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