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Jumping Joe & Friends (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on June 3, 2018 at 9:45 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to be testing my quick time hopping skills in Jumping Joe & Friends. Originally a mobile title, Jumping Joe and co. have jump and landed themselves onto the Switch eShop. I'm gonna hop around with this game, to see if it's worth jumping with joy into, or should I remain grounded where I stand? Let's jump right into this review!

The goal of Jumping Joe is pretty straightforward, you gotta jump from platform to platform while avoiding obstacles that come in your way. When you jump, you'll jump from the platform above on either the left or right side from where you are, however, a platform must be present to continue jumping, if one is not and you jump into it's path, you'll just fall down regardless if another platform Is below you and the game will end.

The single player mode you'll start off with is the arcade mode, with this mode requiring you to complete some tasks to unlock the two other modes. This mode plays like how I explained it above, but remember those obstacles? Well, they consist of enemy dragons and spiky platforms, as well as other types of obstacles and enemies if you can jump high enough to reach them. If they come in contact with you, you'll to lose your hat, and if you get hit with an exposed head, the game will end, or can end even sooner if you wait around long enough for the molten lava to rise up and burn you.

To help you along the way and stand a chance, power ups are located inside of crates which randomly appear on platforms as you progress upwards, these vary from rocketing you upwards, to clearing the screen of danger, as well as make diamonds appear on platforms for a limited time. Make sure to collect diamonds, as you can use them to purchase and upgrade new jumpers for single player modes. Each new jumper has a special ability, which can be helpful for clearing the tasks, however, if you're still having trouble clearing those tasks, you can use diamonds to just purchase those modes.

Arcade mode has that arcade feel to it, but if you wanted a mode to jump as quickly as you can without anything in your way, race mode has you covered. Race mode is just you and your jumper, without any power ups or upgrades, with the only enemy being the best time to create and conquer. You don't have to complete the entire run (or would it be jump?) to get a score, since you'll get a best time based around a certain tier. This mode can be really addicting when trying to go as fast as you can to reach the top an top a high score,, however, there is no online leaderboard, which could've further gave a reason to keep besting times.

The last of the single player modes will test to see if you're a super jumper, and hero mode will do just that. Hero mode basically takes the later obstacles and brings them down lower, so they'll appear more at once, making jumping upwards quite the challenge. The jumping field and music changes in this mode, so it'll feel different from arcade mode.

Jumping Joe didn't just jump into this party alone, the title of this game has “& friends” in it, that's because most of Joe's friends are located inside of the multiplayer. Up to four players can partake in the jumpfest, selecting from 42 different cube jumpers, although the ones with upgrades don't use them in this mode, so everyone plays the same. You customize the rules and game layout at the beginning, so the fun can be quick and easy, to extending the jumping party with more thrown at ya. Thanks to the Switch joy-cons, having somebody join in the jumping is more accessible while out and out. This really makes the game easy to just pick up and play, which blends together with the simplistic nature of the music and look to the game.

All and all, Jumping Joe & Friends might appear to be some basic mobile game, however take out the “basic” and replace it with “simple, yet effective”. While some high scores would need to be shared online manually, it doesn't take away from the addicting jumps you'll make from platform to platform. In other words, Jumping Joe & Friends, it's a gas!

I give Jumping Joe & Friends 8 Joes jumping out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $4.99

Memory used: 207MB

Review code provided by: QubicGames

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