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Disco Dodgeball-Remix (Switch eShop)

Posted by Undead_terror on May 27, 2018 at 7:30 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Disco Dodgeball Remix for the Nintendo Switch eshop. This game is a first person shooter arcade game with multiplayer elements developed by 82 Apps and published by Zen Studios. This game costs $11.99 North American and £13.49 UK/EU/AU, and the game needs 936 MB to download.

The switch is a pretty new console, granted it has been slightly over a year since it was released to the world, with new consoles comes a gap in game genres that need to be filled in, and one of those genres is shooter games!. It was hasn't been too long since we got games like DOOM, Splatoon 2 and the upcoming Wolfenstein game, however, these are all Triple A retail games, where is the budget digital games?. Here we got a upgraded port, potentially a sequel to 2015's Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, a flashy dodgeball game with robots!.

There is no story for the game besides the fact that you play as robots in a game of dodgeball, but we do know that the game as said is a upgrade to the previous installment that fixs UI/visuals/gameplay. There is no main objective to the game besides trying to win matches across the vast amount of modes that can be played solo or online, and winning helps you level up to unlock things and doing challenges helps raise your mission level.

Starting things off, the gameplay, as said you are a robot that rides on a single wheels, movement in this game is indeed different, if you move forward, to keep moving forward until you change direction. You can break using A, but never felt the need to do so, it feels weird at first, but you get use to it by moving the left stick in circles to keep a movement but staying relatively in the same spot. There is a couple buttons that allow you to jump, you must hold the jump button if you want a higher jump....yep, it's one of those games, but it's fine once you get use to it.

There are a couple other things like boost which is basically your run/dash, if you use it, you get a quick boost, but you need to wait for the meter to fill back, this also applies to the jump. You can move the view around with the right stick, go into a third person view with the R button, even press X for a "pass" command which is pretty much used for online if you need a ball.

Finally we get into the "main" control, go up to a white ball on the ground to automatically pick up a ball, and then press a trigger button to fire it!, the longer you hold the button, the more charge your throw gets. When firing a ball, it acts like you throwing a actual ball, it will arc, it will bounce off walls, etc. When a ball is being thrown at you, you can move your aimer at the ball, press and hold the throw button and get lucky catch a ball.

Now that we got the controls out of the way, it's time to talk about the game it's self, I mentioned earlier about there being a vast amount of modes, this can range from death match, elimination, horde mode (my personal favorite and glad you can play with others), even a couple racing and sports modes. For the most part, the objective is the same, to grab balls and throw them at enemy bots and destroy them, of course you can do all sorts of tricks to blow up other bots, even catching a ball being throw at you destroys a bot. If you get lucky, you can be on a streak and "be on fire", which is basically saying hey! I'm doing very good!....while being on fire (does not hurt)

More matchs lead you to progress in your leveling, this doesn't do a whole lot besides brag rights, even for the mission badges which is something extra which makes you do more tricks to level up in a different way. However, the more you play, the more cosmetics you get, you can get cosmetics by lucky drops after a match, getting a present from leveling up, or by a item system that I will explain. The game has a item system that grants you cosmetics, you start off needing 5 parts that can be a screw/nut/spring/gear/bolt, you can get these by playing games. When you combine all five items, you will get a advanced item, you need five advanced items to make a cosmetic, sounds bad, but after a while, you get advanced items by beating matchs,

The cosmetics in this game is pretty great!, it's not a simple hat and body swap, but it also expands by you being able to unlock new wheels, new heads/face/glasses/decals/ball throws/on fires/etc. I like to compare the customizations of this game to Rocket League, in that game, you can customize a lot of things for your car, even the boosters and goal explosions, but in this game, it's your bot, the faces it makes from winning or losing, and the way it throws balls or be's on fire. The only downside to the customizations is that there could possibly be more items to work with, and that fact that while you can edit your colors, it's premade colors, so if you wanted a certain shade of green bot, you need to use it's certain light color.

Visuals are a important thing about a game, and this game is unique with it's futuristic robots in neon light flashing stages, however, the bots remind me of early CGI, a time when 3D cartoon animation wasn't perfected which looked really odd... The textures in the game are very basic and stages can fill empty with the lack of art and objects like soda cans and boxs which you would see in many other shooters. Some of the UI and all decals for your bots look "cheapish", looks like something from budget animation, mostly the decals as it looks like it would be a kids sticker or a picture from a 90's website.

Audio is also very important, the sounds of the game are really good, balls sounds like ball, explosions sound like explosions, even the dance club soundtrack sounds good for the most part. However there is a couple sounds that do feel maybe out of place possible and a bit annoying, when leveling up, you have to hear this cartoonish "expand" sorta sound.

Online matchs have really good connection, I never felt any lag in my matchs and everything seemed to run smoothly, it's a nice experience online, and you can even change the modes and maps with the pause button in matches without losing anyone (or if you are waiting for people, boot up some horde mode like me until people comes and then do whatever mode you want!). You can send invites to friends, but sadly you can't add anyone, they aren't even found on the recently played with list on the Nintendo switch.

Complaints was already mentioned earlier, but here I can talk about a couple more. Besides getting new cosmetics and leveling up, it doesn't keep you wanting to play unless you are playing with your friends for fun or want to get a highscore on the leaderboards. The game is on the PS4, xbox one and steam, yet there doesn't seem to be any crossplay (not like it would matter much on the PS4's end *wink* *wink*), a trading system to other players would be nice to have.

There was one night I stopped playing the game early because I was just getting sick and tired of looking of the game after playing night after night, so I guess it's not recommended you play for hours and hours. Another issue seems to be the AI, even on easy, the AI feels cheap at times, you can do a big lunge in the air (hold jump, dash and then release the jump button), only to get sniped by a bot which shouldn't be so easy, there is loads of times they pick up balls really quickly and hit you instantly, or make a quick turn at a door way and snipe you.


Don't get me wrong though, I really enjoyed this game, and I will definitely play more of it soon, it would be nice to see this game expanded on, add more cosmetics, make any tweeks, anything!, this game is not Overwatch or Fortnite, but it could be a game that has a small dedicated fanbase. Either way, I will keep playing this from time to time and hope the game will get future updates!.

Rating: 7/10


eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, giving you my quick thoughts on Disco Dodgeball Remix!

When you have robots trapped inside of a room, with only glowing balls and a disco beat playing in the background somewhere, only logical thing to happen next is a funky game of dodgeball! You take control of your own created robot, which you can unlock other cosmetic items for by playing the game, or by using parts for crafting. While some cosmetic options have plenty to choose from, some other options could use a few more additions, namely the victory/defeat option, which feels a bit plain, and can be more limited based on certain cosmetics you have on. Leveling up can get you level up packages, which also contain a cosmetic to use, which is a reason to play the game, as you can level up your profile not just for cosmetic purposes, but also for ranking.

Once your bot is decked out, it's time for robotic dodgeball on the disco dance floor! The action all takes place in first person (or, first robot), with only your boost and jump at your disposal to assist with your movement tactics. There's also a brake button, however I didn't feel the need to use it much due to the button layout making it feel inaccessible when in the heat of battle. Because you're not a dodgeball making robot, you'll have to find dodgeballs scattered across the discofield, which acts as your one time use ammo. Once you find one, you gotta try to throw your ball at the other robots and hit them to score. The only way to hopefully stop a ball from hitting you is by either catching a tossed ball, or throwing your own ball at the incoming ball. Catching a ball, as well as doing other actions takes time to learn, just like with the controls, which feel a bit sluggish when starting out, however, you can edit them better suit them for you, with motion controls even being supported with just aiming or with movement, and can be changed during gameplay. 

It's not all about the traditnal game of dodgeball, well, it is, but that doesn't mean all game modes are the same. You have the standard ones such as elimination or deathmatch, but there are other modes such as race or hoops which have goals besides just tossing balls at other robots. These modes can be played with others locally with another player, or even up to eight players online, which really helps make this game stay fresh, and thankfully when playing with others, getting into games is easy with the simple invite system, as well as fast matchmaking. If you're playing alone, the bots can still provide a challenge offline. A.I can be tough to the point of snipping you from out of nowhere if you're not careful, even on easy they can still get you like that.

The multiplayer does indeed give more life to this disco party, which, as the title says, a disco party is taking place during all of robotic dodgeball fight. The neon colors fill the room and glow, fitting the mood while not overdoing it. Music is more techno than disco, but maybe i'm more used to the Saturday Night Fever era of disco music, with this being more of a modern style of disco. The audio levels in the background got with the beat of the music, which is a nice touch.

All and all, Disco Dodgeball Remix offers the Switch eShop a diffrent take of first person (or robot) styled gameplay with dodgeball and disco (and also robots!). While some cosmetic options are lacking with controls needing some time to get used to, if you have friends to play this with or want some quick tunes to listen to on the go, this disco party will surely be worth the time on the dance floor.

I give Disco Dodgeball 7 robots playing dodgeball out of 10!


A Quickie Review of Disco Dodge Ball Remix by @NoUsernameHere

Hi fellas, NoUsernameHere And here's a Quickie Review. Maybe this can be a series? I dunno,

but that isn't too relevant right now. What is relevant is that I'm about to write this review in a flash.

I'll flash your pants off...not in that way, but you probably know what I mean. Anyway, Disco Dodge Ball this game, you can have several players duke it out with a number of gameplay modes to choose from,

and more modes than you'd normally see in a modern FPS game. Also, yes, this is an FPS. Except instead of guns,

in order to kill your opponents, you have to throw dodgeballs at them, much like the title suggests. It sounds

really fun and unique on paper, but in practice...not so much. Only a few of the modes are fun to play, there

really won't be a huge influx of players anytime soon, there's not really much of an incentive to come back...

however, the game is pretty cheap and it's one of your few options for an FPS on the Switch, but...I'm not too

impressed overall. It's just one of those games which has an amazing concept but doesn't execute it well.

Final Score: 6/10


Review code given by Zen Studios.

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