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The Way Remastered (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on April 21, 2018 at 8:30 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to be traveling to another world in The Way Remastered. Originally released on PC in 2016, this story-based puzzle platformer has now arrived on the Switch eShop, with some enhancements on the Switch version. I'm ready to go out of this world, while I'm gone, I'll see if the planets are worth coming back to, or should I just go back into the world I came in? Let's explore what this game has to offer!

The main menu shows the events already unfolding, showing Major Tom at the grave of his deceased wife. They were both scientists apart of the space explorers team, and during one of their journeys on an alien planet, he remembered reading some ancient writings to achieve eternal life. Overwhelmed by the loss of his wife, Tom now will stop at nothing to return to the alien planet to bring back his wife, however, to uncover the secret to bring his wife back, many dangers will block Tom's path on achieving that.

Getting back to said planet won't be easy as just flying back there, due to the hazards of said planet, it became off limits for them to return to. Due to this, Tom must sneak into Expeditorium Inc. at night, during the time where all the security bots and lasers are present. Stealing a ship isn't about just reaching it and pressing liftoff, you'll have to power on and open a way first, as well as transport your van to the ship. A lot of these puzzles will require you to check off tasks before the main puzzle can be cleared, as later on in the story, situations will unfold as such. Later puzzles will indeed become more challenging and tricky, to an extent that I had to spend a long while on some of them, as well as have missteps and get killed along the way. When you die, a simple press of a button will instantly respawn you to a nearby checkpoint, with each one thankfully close to each other throughout levels.

Once Tom has made it back to the planet, you'll really be greeted to the visual delights of the sprite work that has gone into this game, which will make retro fans really admire just how far this style has come. The music also adds to the mood of the planets, further bursting them with life. While the world around is a sight to look at, the same can't be said about it's inhabitants, as they'll have their sights on Tom to make him prey.

Tom physically can't defend himself from those outer lifeforms, and in platforming shape, he's more on the realistic side, as he'll take fall damage and die. Thankfully he took a laser gun with him to shoot and stun what he can. As you progress, however, you won't be able to rely on that, but instead, will rely on an ancient artifact, which can gain abilities to solve puzzles, open paths, as well as fend off some enemy fire.

Since this happens around that part, there is currently a game breaking bug which can halt your progress. During this part is a boss encounter with an orange creature that wants to hunt Tom down. It'll chase Tom into a cavern, and during said part, around the time when you find the ancient artifact and trying to deal with this creature, the game will keep crashing with an error during this part. Normally when continuing off, it'll bring you back to when your last checkpoint was created, however, this is not the case, for me, it left off when I was jumping on those platforms in the trees, but for others, they went back even further.

This glitch has been addressed by the developers and will soon be squished, in the meantime to get past this bug, try backing out to the main menu when you climb down underneath the floor and complete a puzzle, so that way, you'll have more time to clear the rest of the boss fight, as the glitch occurs if you've taken way to long to clear this section.

Once you deal with that creature, you'll soon learn that it had a cub, so Tom decides to take it with him feeling the guilt with what just happened. Once it grows up and gets the snazzy name Tincan, your new companion will follow you around, helping Tom reach some ledges, as well as take down some baddies.

The story will continue on afterwards, but if you wanted to get some more snippets of it, memories are scattered throughout the game. There's seven of them in total, while they don't change the outcome of the story, they'll share some details on Tom and his wife's expedition, and how the story began on how it did. To further the gameplay aspects of the game, achievements are present, most I've gotten on my first playthrough, however some I didn't get, so another playthrough will be required to get some of the missing ones.

For those wondering what the “Remastered” part in the title is about, some additions were added into the original game. HD rumble was added in some parts, as well as a music player on the main menu, with the bigger additions being the graphical improvements and some game and level designs, as well as some voice acting during dialogue sections. These additions add fresh air to those who may have played the title before, for those who haven't, it'll only add onto the experience.

All and all, The Way Remastered really does tell the tale of somebody going above and beyond for their true love. Despite an error halting playthroughs, if you can overcome that (or once a patch fixes this issue), then you'll have an engaging puzzle platformer on your hands, which will give you a challenge down the road, as well as please those who have played this style of game back in the day.

I give The Way Remastered 8 Tincans out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $11.99

Memory used: 736MB

Review code provided by: SONKA

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