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Pirates: All Aboard! (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on April 16, 2018 at 4:55 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm ready to set sail to explore the ocean in Pirates: All Aboard! This game has you sailing the ocean on pirate ships, i'll take said ships to see if I can have a grand time lining myself into the ocean path to adventure, or will said pirate ship just sink when I arrive on-board? Let's plunder for some treasure!

Once the main menu loads, a pirate theme will greet you to one of four modes, while it might appear to be three mode, multiplayer contains two modes in it. The first mode is practice mode, here you'll sail around the ocean and fire cannons to sink other ships in a set amount of time. Items can be collected from the sunken ships, as well as floating wreckage you can come across while sailing. Once time runs out or your ship has sunk, it'll save your top five scores. Your practice runs can be mixed up by selecting from three different sized ships with different advantages and disadvantages to them, such as with the larger one being able to move slowly but is able to take a hit, or the smallest one having the best mobility, but at the cost of being a glass cannon.

The next two modes are in the multiplayer option, death match and last man standing. These modes can only be played with other players, so thankfully with the switch joycons, having two players is an option wherever you go. Both modes play pretty much the same as practice mode, with the main difference being in death match, you'll keep respawning, and last man standing will keep you sunk until the round is over. There's a selection of maps to pick from, with the first three being the different smaller sized maps, to the other three maps being bigger in comparison.

The last game mode is endless mode, which sounds like what you would expect it to be, unlike the other modes, endless plays completely different than the other modes. Endless will have your ship endlessly traveling an ocean path, collecting coins along the way while avoiding obstacles such as bombs or sharks. As you keep sailing, your ship will go faster and faster, increasing chances of colliding with a rocky end, thankfully, the tight control of steering your ship makes navigating through narrow pathways or cannon fire really precise. Endless mode is probably the best mode in this game, as it's easy to pick up and play, I just wish it was more expanded on.

Following up on the last sentence is probably this game's biggest issue, it needs to be expanded on in content, as playing for about an hour or so, I saw everything this game had to offer. While the game runs and controls fine, with the ships steering as if they were on the ocean (not so much with endless) which can add to the experience when playing with friends, it'll start to get repetitive with little else to do, and can get boring before you know it. More distinctive game modes would've added some variety and depth to this game's ocean, as most of the modes all feel to similar to one another.

The music in this game has that pirate feel to it, which makes it feel like you're a pirate on the seven seas, with the music in endless mode adding some adventurous atmosphere into the mix. While the music adds to the feel, the environment sorta takes that away, as the islands appear to not be fully rendered and missing some details. The ships themselves appear to have more details on them, but the seas they travel looks very blocky, with the many closely colored pixels scattered across the sea.

All and all, Pirates: All Aboard's treasure chest had the potential to store more treasure in it, but the end result of the booty inside feels way to light. While the pirate ships themselves control realistically and can lead to some good, pirate battles with others, the hole in the ship caused by it's lack of content and other issues is what's adding water into the ship, keeping it from sailing where it intended to go. 

I give Pirates: All Aboard! 5 pirate ships out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $9.99

Memory used: 988MB

Review code provided by: QubicGames

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