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WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on April 3, 2018 at 5:50 PM

Eshop Guru here, and today, i'm going to settle down in WorldNeverland: - Elnea Kingdom. Originally a free to play mobile title, has now moved it's way onto the Nintendo Switch eshop, while becoming a pay to play title in the process. I'm going to enter this kingdom, to see if it's worth living in, or will I decide to live in another kingdom? Let's dive right into this review!

WorldNeverland: - Elnea Kingdom is a life simulator, and although this particular one on Switch is a mobile port, this is really the 6th game in the series, with the original games debuting on the original PlayStation in Japan. Before you get started, you must first create an avatar character, not just with appearance, but with a first and last name. The section for some of the options feel limited with choices, such as hair and facial hair options. Once you're set, then it's time to head off to the Elnea Kingdom!

...Or, to just randomly be someplace in the kingdom, without any real reason as to why you want to live in this kingdom, just starts you out at the dock. As you begin, you'll get institutions to learn the basics from Wiala who runs the tavern, she'll provide you with some tasks so you can earn some pocket money and earn some items. Most of the tasks are straight forward, with going to one location, picking up some items from a bush or by fishing, and then heading back, which will eventually feel more of a chore then it already is.

To make doing the tasks a bit easier to find, on the map, you can select where to fast travel, which comes in handy since most tasks will require you to be at a certain location, but by fast travel, it doesn't teleport you to said location, but instead, makes your avatar travel to said location on auto pilot. Fast travel won't work to find the locations of certain townsfolk (although there is an item for that), with certain locations feeling quite populated, making the town feel as it were alive.

You can talk to any of the townsfolk, although for the most part, they'll all repeat similar questions and answers, making them feel too generic for the most part. If you keep repeating about how the weather is today, you can become friends with them, which can lead to become closer friends, and even marriage when you meet conditions for it (weather in this kingdom must be THAT good). It would've made more sense to do something around town, to build a relationship with others to become better friends, just pressing the same answer over and over again just feels silly.

While the kingdom is peaceful on the inside of the walls, outside of them contain monsters inside of dungeons, making some friends has it's advantages since you can take them along to fight monsters and dungeon crawl. The battle system is quite simple enough for those who play rpgs. There's different weapons you can use which have advantages and disadvantages on certain monsters, which will be useful to know, as later monsters will prove to be a challenge, but overcome and receive exp, as well as a treasure cheat with greater loot.

What begins must come to an end for the next generation to carry on. Once you settle down in a house and become a citizen, buy a ring and get engaged and have an offspring, eventually, that offspring will grow up and then you'll have to use them from there on out. Growing up in this world is much faster compared to our own world, as a 6 year old for us, is a 18 year old for them, basically, they have the lifespan of dog years, but in human form. Even with an age difference of a 5 year old and a 6 year old, felt a bit awkward, especially when you can become close friends with someone who you can ask how was school today.

This will, for the most part, be your life in the Elena Kingdom, but it's a life that could use some polish here and there, especially with it's social interactions. This was originally a mobile title as stated above, the graphics do have this mobile feel to them, but on Switch, it runs pretty smoothly, which helps the game look better, even in docked mode.

The original mobile version was free to play, while on Switch, the game costs 30 dollars, which feels pretty steep for this game with all things considered. There might be a reason due to something with how the mobile version works, but for those who didn't know there was a mobile version, they would be more tempted to get another life sim which costs less.

All and all, WorldNeverland: - Elnea Kingdom is a kingdom that could use some polish here and there. While fans of the genre can get enjoyment from this game, especially with the dungeon crawling, it lacks things that give life and definition found in other life sim games, which makes doing repetitive tasks in those other life sims feel more repetitive here. While it doesn't have microtransactions (not counting some additional dlc on the eShop), the price of admission for this kingdom would be better recommended with a discount at best.

I give WorldNeverland: - Elnea Kingdom 6 Ihms out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $29.99

Memory used: 812MB

Review code provided by: althi

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