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BINGO for Nintendo Switch (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on March 21, 2018 at 9:35 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm gonna be calling for bingo in Bingo for Nintendo Switch. As the title suggests, this game gives the switch a portable bingo experience. I'll see if this experience is to shout BINGO at, or to toss out my bingo card. Let's mark down some numbers!

Upon pressing start on the title screen, you're presented with four game modes, with one being the more traditional style of bingo, while the other three modes adding a touch of change to the formula. If you don't know the rules, the game will give you an option to read over the rules on how to play. Each mode can be played with up to four players, with each player being another player or the computer, and the game takes that into account with lay flat mode, which turns the top bingo cards upside down, so you can lay the switch down to make seeing from all angles more easy. There's also an option menu, which I'll go into more details later in this review.

The first game mode listed on the menu is buzzer bingo. In this mode, a random number will appear in the middle, and you must look on your bingo table to see if you have the number. You gotta be quick to press the right button to buzz in and grab that number before anyone else does, whoever buzzed in first will get a red title where the buzzed in number is located, while simultaneously if another player had that same number, then their space will turn black, making a blockade in that row to make bingo. If you try just mashing the button when a number shows up and you don't have that number, it'll be counted as a “mistake” and will subtract your points to share with the other players, as well as skipping your next turn.

Next up is slide bingo, which has a bunch of red titles randomly placed on everyone's card, and you must select a row and a direction, once you do, it'll move the red titles based on what you picked, however, it'll also move your opponents' red titles at the same time. If nobody has gotten bingo after a full turn, another red title is added into everyone's card, which will continue until eventually someone gets a bingo. If you scored bingo, your score will be determined by everyone else equally giving you points, but if you caused a bingo to rev up for someone else, you would have to pay the bingo player with all of your points.

Bingo poker is probably the more competitive mode compared to the rest, with risky moves that can either make or break your bingo. This mode already has red titles filled up on some spaces, with a number roulette revving up new numbers, which, when stopped, will randomly show a number. If you don't have the number, the next player goes on with their turn, but if you do, it'll fill the number space with a red title, however, one gives, while the other takes away, as you must select a space to black out in return, which will void any chance of turning red. If only player gets a number on your card, you'll have the option to “get” that number to fill up, while also paying with a blank space, be careful tho, as these “gets” are limited.

Final mode is classic bingo, which, if you guessed it, is the classic bingo game you're probably familiar with. A number will be displayed for a short time, during this time, you must check to see if you have that number to grab it and add a red tile to your bingo card. This differs from buzzer mode since everyone can grab the number if they have it, but same rules apply if they don't have it and try to grab the number. While classic bingo differs from buzzer bingo in that sense, both of these modes feel most similar with each other.

That's pretty much all there is here, as you can play through all modes within a short amount of time, you can extend the amount of games to be played for a higher score to get, so you can extend the playtime in that regard, but it'll become tedious after a while. Playing this game in short bursts on the go sounds like a good time waster to play during a short car trip somewhere, but you can't play with the joy cons attached, since it doesn't work with them attached due to the controls supporting the joy con sideways only, along with no touch screen controls, making playing this game on the go more of a hassle than it should.

While playing all the modes, the same one minute music loop kept playing over and over again, which sounded like bland elevator music. It's nothing really terrible, but it's the only track in the game, and can become annoying for those who find it tiresome, which can turn them off from the game. Thankfully you can turn off the music in the options, but then it'll make the game just look more basic than it already is, with the most active and alive looking aspect the game coming from it's home menu icon.

All and all, Bingo for Nintendo Switch brings basic bingo gaming to your switch. There's really nothing wrong with the bingo gameplay itself, and it could appeal to those who just want bingo on whatever they can get it on (including the Nintendo Switch), it'll become too boring for those who wanted more excitement from a game of bingo.

I give Bingo for Nintendo Switch 5 bingos out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $4.99

Memory used: 331MB

Review code provided by: StarSign

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