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Grid Mania (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on March 14, 2018 at 2:45 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to game and sphere in Grid Mania. This puzzle game might not look like much compred to other puzzlers, but sometimes, simplicity itself can create the most challenging puzzles. I'm going to take a look at these spheres, to see if they roll around with a shiny lighting, or is that shine gonna dim down? Let's move around these spheres!

Grid Mania's concept is simple, you must roll around colored spheres placed on a grid into spaces that match it's color to move onto the next puzzle. The concept itself sounds straightforward, except for the part when you move a sphere either up or down, all other spheres in the vertical and horizontal grid will roll round at the same time, adding a great layer of thinking involved to try and clear puzzles. As you clear puzzles, the game will add more grid lines, blocks which will prevent spheres from moving, and additional colored spheres, to make it more likely you'll almost clear a puzzle, but then that one sphere is out of place, requiring you rearrange the entire thing....Thankfully, a restart option is present by pressing L and R, which quickly returns the puzzle to it's original state, so you can try again.

There are four different game modes on the main menu, which offer a different take on the formula. The first mode is casual puzzle, which, as it sounds is the casual mode, where you'll have all the time in the world to move around the spheres to their colored destinations, without any pressure from move limits and such. While this mode is perfect for sitting back and relaxing, don't except it to always be so easy later down the grid road, so prepare to think carefully about your movements.

The next mode is quick challenge, which starts out with a predetermined puzzle layout, however, you'll only have a set number of moves to try and clear the puzzle (thankfully, you have unlimited time to think things through). While the previous mode was better suited for casual play, this mode will require you to plan out your moves for completion, with many trials and errors being shown with the number of attempts, it's only a matter of time before the attempt turns into a level completed.

Grid madness ditches colored panel goals for a match three styled puzzle experience. In this mode, you must match three spheres of the same color, which will then color the panels where they are, the goal is to keep filling up the blank spaces with color to move on to the next. With “madness” in it's name, you would expect it to cause you some madness, but instead, it's one of the more laid backed modes this game offers, as there is no time or move limit set in place.

The last mode is chain reaction, which turns the spheres into the keys of the goals themselves. You must move around the spheres so that one of them of the same color is in the goal of the same color, once you do that, you must navigate the other spheres so that they form a line with the sphere that is on the goal. While it might be easy to do that with one color, you must remember that moving spheres around also moves spheres on the same grid line, so it can be tricky to get the other colors to line up with each other after connecting them with each other, but once you do, prepare for a conga line!

There's over 170 puzzles across all modes for you to solve, so you'll be here for a good while trying to solve them. For those wanting a bit more after solving all puzzles, the game also has randomly generated puzzles, which, as it sounds, revs up a randomly generated puzzles for you to solve, which is perfect for picking up and playing quick sessions with the Switch's portability, which supports touchscreen controls.

While many puzzles wait you, after a while, many of them will feel the same. It's not because of the puzzle modes or the shiny spheres, which look colorful rolling around, but everything around it just feels bland, with empty looking spaces boarding the game screen. Music is alright, but doesn't help add enough splash of color to the surroundings as the color spheres do.

All and all, Grid Madness' premise is a simple one, but it does indeed contain a puzzle game that will make you think on where to roll your spheres. It may not look it with it's presentation, but getting over that flaw is quick, and you'll quickly find yourself trying to clear another puzzle. For it's low price, it offers a lot for those wanting another puzzle game for their switch collection.

I give Grid Madness 7 colorful spheres out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $3.99

Memory used: 152MB

Review code provided by: QubicGames

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