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Brawl (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on January 19, 2018 at 9:25 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to have a blast at the Emporium in Brawl. If you've ever had nightmares or any fears, some of them might be in this game holding bombs ready to blast. I'm also going inside the Emporium, to see if the bomb blasts are a thing of wicked nightmares, or a blast from the past that will be forgotten in a toy chest. Let's dive into this review! 

If you're familiar with the Bomberman series, then you'll have a pretty good understanding of Brawl's gameplay formula. You go around placing bombs at crates to create a path, where you have to use strategic maneuvers to catch your opponent off guard in a bomb blast before you get blasted yourself. While the gameplay concept feels similar to Bomberman, the setting and tone definitely is different (minus that one game...), with it's darker mood and bloody results, which is hinted on the game's home menu icon with a silhouette of a bear holding a bloody knife.

If you want to learn how to use each character's playstyle as well as learn the wrenched backstories to boot, story mode opens up the Emporium door to the single player section for you to go through. Story mode isn't just blasting away with bombs, (you don't even start out with bombs) as there are sections where you must traverse across the level, using your selected character's special abilities to get around to clear puzzles and reach the goal. It doesn't take that long to clear each character's campaign, though it can be somewhat frustrating due to the sudden difficulty spikes, even on the lowest ai difficulty.

Story mode is the single player meat on the bone, though if you have others that wanted to play, local multiplayer is a must for this type of game. Up to 4 players, either they be humans or humans controlled by he ai, can get overclouded with each others bomb blasts on a variety of maps, with some needing to be unlocked first. A lot of the modes follow the classic formula with team battle and 1v1 thrown into the mix. Some have a unique twist to them, such as sumo, which requires you to use bomb blasts that scatter punching gloves, which you need to use to knock you opponent off the stage to score, and color domination, which has you playing Splatoon with bombs.

Local multiplayer is the party part of this game, but for a more co-op experience, you alone or with another player can attempt some challenges in challenge mode. Horde has you trying to survive an onslaught of minions for as long as you can, who's the boss has you trying to take out as many minions and bosses to keep your time from reaching zero, and sheep has you in the shoes of a shepherd of a sheep farm, using bombs and decoys to keep the minions away from gobbling up your sheep stock.

Additional bomb blasts will be ignited by the large amount of collectible models and artwork that can be purchased in the extras with points that can be obtained via playing the modes, as well as clearing trophies (or achievements as they're more commonly referred to as) by doing certain tasks that will get you a set amount of points.

All and all, Brawl has come far from it's basement crawling origins, and delivers a bomb that's suited for those who're into this genre of bomb blasting mayhem. While it's difficulty spike might turn off some who wanted to go through story mode, the other modes will suffice especially if other players are around. Even though Super Bomberman R is on the switch, but if you wanted another version of this game style that was cheaper, and to perhaps trade in the cute and happy go lucky tone with a darker and shadowy setting with some blood thrown into the mix, despite some of it's flaws, Brawl would be a good recommendation for you.

I give Brawl 7 sad clowns out of 10! 

Cost on the eShop: $9.99

Memory used: 1.2GB

Review code provided by: QubicGames

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