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Puzzle Box Maker (Switch eShop)

Posted by Undead_terror on December 30, 2017 at 1:45 AM

Hi, Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Puzzle Box Maker for the Nintendo switch, this is a puzzle/platformer game made by Bplus that costs $14.99 US and needs 350 MB of memory to download.


There is no story, only to beat the objectives.


Besides solving out how to navigate the menu on your first time, the game is just a handful of mini games. Starting things off, the main menu is a game in which you control a bottle and you move it around, you must highlight blocks to go into sections, and there you can highlight other bottles that have actual levels.

There is a handful of mini games, there is paint in which you try to fill in spots with blocks to make a shape (probably the second most boring mini game in the game), bomb in which you tilt a board so bombs that drop can blow up blocks (probably the most boring game).

Claw you go around as a aircraft picking up things with your claw and avoiding hazards, Runner is a game that you just have a guy jump obstacles or else he gets killed, you would think it would be fun, but it's just not even fun to play. lastly Kubi in which you play as a cube to explore a level to collect flies, feed a pixel dog, and make it to the end of a level while avoiding enemies, but once again, you feel like you should be playing something else.

Within these mini games, you can collect coins to unlock more levels and emoji's for score....because emoji's are hip and needs to be in everything (sarcasm)

You can also make and share "pictures" online with others, these act as levels, but all you do is make platforms, can edit anything else....not the background, none of the item placements, etc.


Bland looking 3D graphics for the most part along with 2D emoji' cool is that fellow kids?


For music, it's just god awful midi's that you just want to stop but they don't stop, and the sound effects are just generic sounds.

-Overall opinion-

I had the misfortune of playing this game, took the time to download it, only to be welcomed to a confusing mess at first, then to learn that the game is nothing but boring, empty feeling mini games that feel so uninspired. I played free flashgames on the computer that were tons better then this, there is nothing at all that this game offers that will make me think for a second time to come back to, when I'm done with this review, the game will be deleted, and will be forgotten by me. Don't buy it, buy something else, and better luck to the developers in making something better in the future.

Rating: 2/10 (not 1 because there was no bugs found, so the only credit that can be given)


Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here with my quick two-cents on Puzzle Box Maker. I enjoy pixel artwork, both retro and “retro inspired”, so i'll be seeing if the pixel art is old school, or outdated.


In this game, you can create your very own pixel artwork that can be turned into a level within six mini games. Depending on the size layout you select will determine which mini games can be played on it. A longer, stretched out layout will have games that scroll across the playing field (classic mode, copycat XL mode, claw mode, and Kubi mode), with the smaller layouts having a closer to heart puzzle feel to them (copycat mode, bomb mode, and run mode). If you played some of Bplus' other games, such as Bit boy!! or I've got to run, you might see some familiar faces in some mini games.

You'll be needing to collect coins in the adventure mode as you clear puzzles, which unlocks more sectors that have additional puzzles in them, and with each unlocked sector, you'll have more room to create and save your own pixel art levels. Some modes have coin unlocks that are straightforward, while others have particular coins you can only get by clearing it in a set time or not dying. For the most part, each mode works out fine, though with bomb mode, I felt it was a bit of a hassle controlling the bomb at times, getting so near a coin yet it just rolls past from it. If you're having some difficultly clearing a puzzle, an easy mode is present, which especially helps in bomb mode.

There's over 100 puzzles with modes for you (or up to 4 players depending on mode) to try out in adventure, but the limit of puzzles you can experience here are endless with the online mode. You can play other puzzles by different artists in the gallery by finding some select puzzles by the weekly sector, or by going on the puzzle block maker's website to find posted pixel art with codes on them to enter and try out. Future content for the online will be updated in given time, with hopefully a more robust profile for your gallery. Another update I'd enjoy would be for more colors for the pixel art maker, as well as more colors you can use at a time. 

All and all, Puzzle Box Maker offers a good and simple way of doing more with your pixel artwork. While the depth of the online experience isn't quite there yet, with some future updates and what not, I'd give it more of a recommendation than I currently do, as it stands now I'd recommend this for anybody who enjoys doodling in 8-bit.

I give Puzzle Box Maker 7 pixel emojis out of 10!


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