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JYDGE (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on December 22, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, i'm going to be delivering a can of justice in JYDGE. This game is a prequel and spin-off of 10tons' other twin-stick shooter, Neon Chrome, which takes place in the same universe. I'll see if this game is either innocent or proven guilty. Court is now in session!

You take control of your very own JYDGE, a cybernetic enforcer who lays down the law while wearing that wig that judges wore, along with the Gavel rifle, which can fire unlimited amounts of it's main ammo, while having powerful secondary ammo that is limited. The city of Edenbyrg is corrupted with violence caused by gang warfare, as a JYDGE, you must take them down with your lawful (yet controversial) tactics. It's not always about just gunning down bad guys, other objectives can be present, such as rescuing hostages or defeating certain types of enemies, with some trying to be the boss, but will dredd in comparison to your justice!

Going on patrol might sound like “clear one mission, then head to the next one:, which it might seem like at first, but eventually you'll come to a dead end due to not having enough medals. Each stage has three medals that can be earned during missions by completing certain tasks within the level, which range from different goals such as not taking any damage from enemy fire or making sure no hostage dies while escaping. As you progress, more difficulty options will unlock, which has their own set of medals to earn, showing proof that your JYDGE went above and beyond what was required of the task.

The Department of Jystice is where you'll select missions on the map, as well as upgrade and enhance your Gavel rifle with mods and JYDGE itself with state of the art cyberware. As you gain more medals, you can further unlock more advancements such as more main and secondary ammo options, or power ups for JYDGE that affects his performance while taking on tasks. To be able to use them, first you must purchase them with credits you find while terminating hostiles or confiscating boxes, which thankfully carry over even when a mistrial occurs (when you die). You can change the layouts of mods and cyberware, as well as purchase more slots to use more than one at a time, which can be handy on certain missions.

As you clear acts, cutscenes will tell more of the effect of JYDGE's ruthless justice, making the game feel like it came from a cybepunk hover car, straight out of an action sci-fi movie from that era. The music also adds to that feel, keeping it upbeat even while it's raining with it's techno beats. The music changes when you replay levels or return to the Department of Jystice, keeping the tune fresh each time.

Carrying out some of the later missions can still prove to be a challenge, and the challenge will increase with the added difficulties, which would make collecting the later medals quite the task. If you have somebody next to you on the couch (or anywhere since that is the wonders of the Switch), then you can recruit them as a JYDGE in local co-op, which can be a blast since many shots are fired, making some of the challenging stages a bit easier to deal with.

All and all, Somewhere there is a crime happening, and JYDGE will make no mistakes when it comes down to it. While it can be challenging, with the right tools at your disposal or even another JYDGE by your side, in the end, it'll leave you off saying “finished”.

I give JYDGE 8 gavels out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $14.99

Memory used: 708MB

Review code provided by: 10tons

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