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Time Recoil (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on December 19, 2017 at 6:10 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to travel in time to prevent the chaos that will play out in Time Recoil. 10tons has recently brought a couple of their twin-stick shooters to the Switch eShop, but with Time Recoil, there is an added twist of slowing down time to progress yourself to a brighter future. I'm going to time travel now, will I change the present to lead into a good future, or will it be a bad future? Let's recoil!

The plot takes place across the span of the 70's through 80's, which explains why the visuals have a vibe from those eras. In a world where mad scientist Mr. Time has taken over Europe with his weapon of time destruction, and to show he means business, he has destroyed Paris to set an example of his dictatorship power. A group of resistance then discover Alexa, a former scientist of Mr. Time who has the ability to survive going into wormholes to go back into the past without it being lethal. With Alexa on their side, it's up to her to go far enough into the past and undo the wrath of Mr. Time. The story can be indirect at times, with man plots involving time travel, but with the gameplay, it'll be straightforward from there.

In each mission, you must complete a required task while going around and take down Mr. Time's henchmen who will stand in your way, once the requires task is fulfilled, rev up a wormhole and return to the present. Alexa is armed with a gun that has limited ammo, you can find other weapons and more ammo, but if you run out, you can use a melee attack as a last defense option. Most twin-stick shooters would have a health bar of sorts, but if Alexa gets hit once, then she'll die in a flash and you'll have to start the entrance of each room.

One hit instant deaths would make the game a challenge to complete, but to give you a fighting chance, Alexa also has gained the ability to slow down time each time she kills an enemy, which slows their movement and line of fire. When an enemy is killed, a short timer will appear, if another enemy can be killed within the given time, the countdown will then refill, and if enemies are killed in a chained combo fast enough, Alexa will be able to use a stronger ability at her disposal. The abilities you get are obtained as you progress into the story, which can range from powers to break down walls or even slow down time even more.

The campaign can be completed in several hours of gameplay (even though technically it's a span of over a decade). Once the main story is completed at least once, you can replay it on hardcore, or try to tackle the unlockable murderous difficulty, providing a greater challenge such as sharper enemies and bullets that won't vanish when the shooter does. For those who want to get through as fast as they can, a time attack mode is present, where you try to clear a stage of the 56 levels as fast as you can on a selected difficulty. Achievements are also present for further challenges if you seek to complete them.

All and all, Time Recoil time traveled just in time for the Switch eshop's renaissance. The story might be hard to follow at times, but for fans of the twin-stick shooter genre, plenty of challenge awaits you with the time travel slow down mechanic, and for those wanting to test themselves afterwards, there is enough here that will satisfy that watch of yours with a good time and fututre.

I give Time Recoil 8 recoils out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $13.99

Memory used: 258MB

Review code provided by: 10tons

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