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Sparkle 2 (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on December 15, 2017 at 9:40 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, i'm going to be matching orbs by firing them at each other in Sparkle 2. If you've ever played one of those marble shooting puzzle games, you'll have an understanding on how this plays. With the “2” in the title, means this is a follow up to the orin1gal Sparkle game from about a decade ago. I'll be checking out the current orbs to see if said marble puzzle shooter adds some modernization to this genre, or if said orbs became dull while being launched? Let's shoot some orbs!

The game opens up with a narrative plot, explaining that a long, long time ago five keys were created and were scattered across the land, and when used together, would unlock a secret of great value. Many have tried to find the keys, but were unsuccessful, now it's up to you to locate the keys to unlock the secret, or else the secret be trapped forever within these lands. As you progress throughout the game, more parts of the story will play with the narrator speaking.

Once the introduction plays out, the brief how to play will commence, showing you the basic ins and outs of the formula. To move onward from level to level, you must fire different colored orbs from your orb slinger, which generates new orbs every time you fire a new one off, or can swap to the next orb in line when needed. The game can be played with the joy-cons and pro controller, but for those who're used to touch controls, tabbing on the switch touch screen is also supported.

Different colored orbs will move in a snake like pattern along a path, you must fire the same colored orb at the ones in the path to match three or more of them to wipe them out, doing so with a different colored orb will only add your orb to the path. The goal in each level is to prevent any orbs on the path from reaching the hole, which will result in a game over, keep doing this until roots grow where they come in, keeping out anymore orbs from getting in, and then wipe out the remaining orbs for victory.

As you keep traveling day after day and the next day, the challenge will increase with faster speeds, more colored orbs thrown into the mix, and even another group of orbs that will line up on the path, which can obstruct you from clearing a line of orbs nearing the hole. To help counteract, power ups will appear when make a combo of three by clearing out orbs fast enough. Power ups can make when you're about to break, and the ones that appear are by random. To further enhance your chances, equipping an enchantment will do just that. Enchantments are power ups for your orb slinger, giving it abilities to fire faster or to make the orb swap a full rotation. More enchantments can be unlocked as you play throughout the game, and as more are unlocked, different enchantments can be equipped at the same time.

There are over 90 levels to look for the five keys in this fantasy world, exploring new parts of this world as if it came from a book of fairy tales. The music even matches the worlds surroundings, adding an enchantment of it's very own to further enhance the fantasy setting. For additional “quests”, along the way, you can unlock more game modes to pop some orbs in, such as survival, challenge and cataclysm. Even when you think the story is done, you can go through it again with a harder story in mind, but beware for when you clear the harder challenge, the nightmare will begin...

All and all, Sparkle 2 brings an updated fantasy look to the shiny orbs in this classic genre of puzzle games. If you ever wanted a marble shooting puzzle game to take with you to go on your Nintendo Switch, it'll get the job done with it's simple to pick up and play nature, as well as a good time waster trying to find the keys in story mode or revving up an avalanche of orbs when needed.

I give Sparkle 2 8 orb slingers out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $7.99

Memory used: 110MB

Review code provided by: 10tons

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