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Star Ghost (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on December 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to take control of another space fighter, except this time, said fighter will have acceleration with a manual feel in Star Ghost. Originally released last year on the Wii U eShop, this take on a space shooter has now arrived on the Switch eShop. With this transition, I'm going to see if this Star Ghost is either a shooting star...ghost, or a ghost of it's former self in the stars. Let's engage!

When the game boots up, you'll have the option of selecting a language, which can be changed each time when playing the game again. A lieutenant commander will then explain that you're the commander of the Star Ghost, and it's up to you to stop the evil Metagon empire from taking over planet earth and the human race. The voice over will be in English with every language selected except for Japanese which has it's own voice over due to the Switch version being the first time Star Ghost has released in Japan.

If you think this will play similar to other space shooters, then you might want to check out the flight school before launching, otherwise, you'll be wondering if a black hole has some affect on your controls. Once you're ready, thrust to launch off into space and prepare to fend off the fleets of Metagon fighters. The Star Ghost will automatically fire on it's own as you take control of it's movement, but it doesn't move in the manner of other space shooters in a straight path, it moves forward while moving upwards if the thrust button is pressed, and will fall down when it's not, thankfully some forcefield guardrails will keep it from wondering off it's route, but it won't protect you from the enemy fighters who'll try and turn you into a literal star ghost.

The controls will take some time getting used to, but once you do, controlling the Star Ghost will be as easy as parallel parking with it. For extra control, with the left analog stick, you can control the aim of your line of fire, as well as turn it off by pressing back with it, this can be good in situations when needed, but depending on your preference, you might want to just thrust to where the enemy is heading and auto fire at them.

12 star systems in total await you with Metagon forces, and will change up each time you play with different enemy layouts and narrow pathways, as you make it further, each sector will have more level sections in it, as well as becoming more challenging by adding in a boss fight every now and then. When you reach the goal of each sector, you can spend these blue orbs that you've collected along the way, these orbs act as currency to purchase new power ups and to repair your ship if needed, although power ups can also be collected during a level, said power ups are only temporary, and won't last forever, however, not all power ups are go for you, getting the virus will instead disable your line of fire for a short time period, where you'll be defenseless from enemy onslaught. Saving up on these blue orbs also isn't a bad idea, as spending 50 of them gets you another chance after getting shot down, although you won't keep going from the same spot, instead you''ll start at the beginning of the sector you were on.

Maneuvering through the 12 star systems, the background view will just burst out to you with it's simple, yet vibrant color pattern, as well as the neon light show from laser blasts or whatever is flying around. The music fits the title name of “Star Ghost” well, with it's techno beat that matches the layout and mood of the game.

The longevity of Star Ghost is to aim for the highest score you can reach before running out of continues, which gives it a classic feel of the arcade era of shoot 'em ups, although the only high scores you'll see are the ones on the high score list, as there is no online leader board to break any high scores on, but with the Switch's snapshot feature, you'll have to share your high score by other means.

All and all, Star Ghost's thrust onto the Switch eShop is another welcome addition for the platform, as well as those who are fans of the genre from yesteryear. The easy to pick up and play nature of the Switch makes going back into Star Ghost much more enjoyable, filling quick bursts whenever you so desire. While a leaderboard would've made it easier to know what score to aim for and beyond, it doesn't take away any shine from this Star Ghost.

I give Star Ghost 8 Metagons out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $8.99

Memory used: 180MB

Review code provided by: Rainy Frog

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