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Xenoraid (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on November 23, 2017 at 9:25 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, i'm going to engage in a space war inside of a space ship in Xenoraid. This is a shoot 'em up throws in some modern features for the ever so classic genre. I'm about to set off, and will see about these modern features and the game itself in the cockpit, to see if I'll avoid enemy fire, or to take enemy fire and explode in space, now then, off we go into this review! 

The plot starts off from the not so distant future of 2021. In that year, Alien fleets were discovered to have been headings towards planet earth. A couple years later, earth tried to make contact with said alien fleet, but attempts were unsuccessful, which made earth convert it's existing spacecrafts into star fighters. Now ready to defend earth in the impending space war, said star fighters begin phase 2 of combat assessment. The rest of the cut scenes are then told through dialogue from other characters on the mission select screen.

When you begin your mission, you'll have the option of playing as one of four space fighters, except you don't just control a single one throughout the level, but instead, can switch out with another fighter with the A/B/X/Y buttons, which can be handy depending on the situation, such has another fighter having a weapon that can deal with what's going on better, or if one becomes heavily damaged and were to take extra damage, the ship would explode and you'll lose that ship's slot until you purchase another ship to replace it. If all ships are lost and you managed to cross a checkpoint, you can restart from your last progression of remaining ships, upgrades, etc, but this would also mean they'll have reduced health or lost fighters would remain lost if that was your last loadout.

In between missions, you can purchase upgrades and repair your ships if needed, when you clear more of the game, more options will be available, including additional space fighters, however, all of these purchases when going into the next chapter are lost in the process, they don't even remain in the chapter you just cleared, which would lead to purchases being mainly for repairing ships later on in a chapter, as buying anything else might seem worthless to a player if they'll lose it. As a fighter continues to fight and survive, the pilot will rank up with promotions, which will give them more advantages, but even those ranked up pilots are lost with every chapter.

The campaign will fly across five chapters with over 40 missions to tackle to save earth, which gets more challenging later on with more enemy fighters and boss battles along the way. Replaying through these levels can feel different, as enemy formations are randomized, so redoing the adventure would indeed be different, but for remembering the stories' dialogue and characters, as well as the story itself, it all feels a bit too generic for what's happening in the future. Traveling throughout the solar system in different chapters, the planets and background feel too similar from the last, but differ with different colors schemes.

The story itself can provide enough replay value, but for those looking for a bit more competition and to challenge themselves and others along the way, survival mode would be your best bet. In this mode, you'll have three endless levels to pick from, and then aim for staying alive for as long as you can, while shooting down enemy fighters to try and get a high score, which can be posted in an online leaderboard. Each level has limited funds you can spend to prepare for the endless combat, as well as different ships and techs to work with. This mode, as well at the story mode can be played with up to four other players locally with Switch pro controllers, so replaying the adventure with new recruits can add some more stars to see in the galaxy.

All and all, Xenoraid adds some modern touch ups to the classic shoot 'em up genre, which is a welcome addition to the Switch eshop's library of expanding games. While it's a bit generic with it's visuals and has purchases which lose value when going to the next chapter, those values are made up with it's challenging later stages and survival that has a reason to go back to aim for a high scores to post on an online leaderboard. Now then, to await for these events to take place, I'll be around for that hopefully. 

I give Xenoraid 7 star fighters out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $8.99

Memory used: 109MB

Review code provided by: 10tons

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