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Tallowmere (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on November 19, 2017 at 4:45 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, i'm going to explore another dungeon in the name of Lady Tallowmere in Tallowmere. This dungeon crawler has now randomly generated onto the Switch eShop after generating on other platforms such as the Wii U eshop, with this version being the up to date version of the game. I'm going to randomly explore this dungeon, to see if it's worth sacrificing a kitten for, or if it's not and you should just leave them in the basket? Now let's begin this crawler!

When you begin the game, you'll start off at this starting hub, get used to it, as you'll be seeing it a lot. To get into a dungeon, just take the elevator on the right, where it'll go down to a pathway, go straight to begin your adventure. You'll start off with a basic sword and shield, as well as casual clothing which doesn't look the part of exploring this dungeon, but at least it'll be comfy for those infinite jumps that you can preform. On your first go, you'll make some progress until some enemy surprises you with it's daze potion, where you'll do nothing until another one casts a fire spell at you, which you try to avoid but accidentally run into a dungeon hazard, then the fire spell reaches you, thus burning you to your death.

Upon getting killed, it'll show your stats, such as how many enemies you've slain or how long you ventured, where next you can return to the home hub or quickly restart from the first room in the dungeon. While the home hub will keep it's look, the first room in the dungeon will appear to have a different layout from your last attempt, since each time you go into into the dungeon, it'll randomly generate different rooms with different enemy placements and such, so each time you do decide to go into the dungeon, the experience will new and will stay fresh each time, as well as the kittens being fresh each time..Oh the internet would totally hate you for this, but if you go by Esmerelda, a basket of kittens will be there each time, and if you wanted, could sacrifice a kitten to gain 10+ total health on your current run. While you'll gain more health, keep in mind doing this won't net you many achievements, and when you die, your high score will be listed on a different high score list depending on the amount of kittens you have scarified.

If you want to go further into the dungeon, you'll have to defeat baddies that will be on your path, and you can't just avoid them, you'll have to slay the one that has the key to unlock the locked gate, otherwise you can't move on. With your basic sword and shield combo, tackling some enemies will be a challenge, thankfully, you can find some new weapons inside of chests which will help tackle some of the later foes that you'll face the further you go into the dungeon, and said later foes will do more damage of course, but just like with new weapons, you can also find some armor to equip in said chests as well, boosting you defense from said attacks. If you wanted a new weapon or new clothing to use right away, you can buy them from the wondering merchant at the start, but further in the dungeon, other wondering merchants will be behind bars in some rooms, and to free them, you'll have to find an additional key to free them and browse their wares, but to buy anything, make sure to have a supply of gold dropped from enemies or sell off your weaker weapons/clothing for some extra pocket change.

Going into dungeons over and over again to see how far you can proceed can seem to get a bit repetitive over time, but to offer more variety, the starting hub has some features to spice things up if you so desire. Talking to Samuel, who is the keeper of challenges, offers a list of, well, challenges if you couldn't tell by his title, but won't offer achievements if you go with his challenge. Samuel's challenges all revolve you trying to get to room 20 with a certain task, such as getting there was a certain weapon, or face an army of certain foes, to even getting there with no healing or carrying Mr. Bigguns instead of weapons to fight back? It'll definitely keep you on your toes, but would removing toes make it hard to do that? That's where the Punisher comes in (no relation to Marvel character). Death himself can basically nerf your adventure to make it much more of a challenge, and you can select punishments such as no health potions or even coins you can collect to buy stuff from merchants, or even the merchants themselves won't appear. It's not just a single punishment at once, you can rev them all up at once, to truly go into the masochistic route of this randomly generated dungeon.

Selecting all punishments at once and handing someone else the joy-con would definitely stir up some funny moments for yourself, but wouldn't it be better if you both can experience this at once? You don't have to explore the dungeon by yourself, as you can take buddies with you with the co-op option with up to four players at once with either a joy-con or switch pro controller.

All and all, Tallowmere gives the switch eshop a dungeon crawler that, while seeming to be basic with it's presentation, makes up for it with it's replayability from altering the game for better or worse depending on your taste. It's easy to pick up and go explore the dungeon nature really suits the portability of the switch, while out, you can do a run to see how far you can make it in a dungeon, and with friends, it'll be worth sacrificing a kitty or two for.

I give Tallowmere 8 kittens out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $6.99

Memory used: 58MB

Review code provided by: Teyon

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