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RTO (Reptile Take Over) (New 3DS eshop)

Posted by Undead_terror on November 16, 2017 at 9:00 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about RTO (Reptile Take Over) for the New 3DS systems, this game was developed and published by nuGAME and is a horror on rail shooter that needs 542 blocks to download and costs $9.99 US.

There is nothing to this game, and you can find better shovelware for much cheaper that might actually be fun, that's the quick review, but now I got to go into details why. To start things off, the story of the game is that you control a space crew that get struck by the enemy which is alien Reptilian creatures, you are low on ammo and got escape the horde.

Not much of a story, pretty generic, but then the real low is when playing the game, you take control of 6 characters and got to find the end to the mission while avoiding the Reptiles. That's easier said then done....right? well in a backwards way it's actually hard and annoying!

The Reptiles are a joke, when playing the game, when you are in the same room as a Reptile, you will hear this scrapping sound. You won't miss it because it's the only song in the game or at least one of the only few sounds that come from the game. When you see one of these poorly looking CGI looking Reptiles, it will keep walking from side to side without attacking for a while, you can walk along with it for a small while before it actually comes to attack. Then you can just shoot it in the head and it dies unless you shoot the body which requires more shots.

Now how do you shoot you say? well it's simple...very simple, the controls of the game is that you move/aim with your circle pad, A fires your gun, and B opens doors and activates the terminals. You can't move forward or back, all you can do is look around 360 degrees. It's very easy controls right?, welp let me explain why it's very annoying.

The objective is to make it to the end of a level, while you do have 6 people to control, you only need the 1 person to make it to the end (I wouldn't bother trying to leave myself to by honest, and haul out a deck of cards). You got a compass to show the direction which you NEED to pay attention to, when you see a map terminal, take out a notepad...I'M SERIOUS! take out a not pad, and jot down notes to know if you need to go North/South/East/West. You will need to do this very often as every room looks the same....only a couple changes from time to time like the lacking of doors.

Indeed it's that bad, I couldn't even beat the first level without jotting down notes to know where I needed to go, and why so often? well the map terminals don't show the full map, just a part. You are able to see where your team is, (which if you were me, they would be in the starting room as they don't need to be used unless you die) where you are, and where the exit is, if you are at a terminal close by.

Besides trying to find the exit, you can find hostages, but you will just trying to find the exit, you won't want to bother with the hostages, heck, you wouldn't want to bother with the Reptiles, you can just escape from them with ease (but if you just so happen to die, the game has perma death). If you beat a level of will have more levels to do, AND THAT'S THE REAL SCARY PART!. Besides the story mode, there is a survival mode with different difficulties, but if I wanted a endless survival game, there is plenty better to choose from.

A small run down on the graphics and audio....boring looking menus, poorly looking CGI Reptilian looking creatures, metal rooms that look the same and tasteless. Audio? what audio? you mean the gun sounds and the scrapping sounds to know if a Reptile is near by?, there could of been eerie music for this "horror" game, but I forget it's a horror game and my mind numbs when thinking about this game.

At the end of the day...quality is no where to be found here, a boring game with easy enemies to kill, the difficulty of the game coming from just trying to find your way from room to room, it really begs the question why Nintendo let this on the eshop...HECK why is it New 3DS exclusive? I'm sure we need that extra process power so the 3DS wouldn't get too bored it's self easily. I just don't recommend this game at all, if it was less then a dollar it might be a challenge gamble to see how you feel about the game, but $10 is way beyond.

Rating: 2/10 (Not a 1 because the game had no bugs that I ran into, whether that's a blessing or not, I don't know)

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and i'm here to give my quick thoughts on RTO (Reptile Take Over). Reptile monsters, in concept have worked out so well, with some of the most famous monsters being mighty and tall, and of course, reptiles. Without warning, reptile monsters will give your day a shade in the shape of a giant footprint ready for a stomping, excepet the stomps from these reptiles didn't quite make an impact...I mean, i'm thrown into some room in search of escape, yet these reptiles don't seem to care, but would rather just walk by without doing anything, except if I were to stalk them for a little while, then they'll take a gander, but that just feels cheaper than those older monster movie costumes, but at least those movies can rev up a few good laughs, showing how far we came, with this, i'm wondering if this game was left unfinished in the 90's. This "take over" all and all didn't really feel like a take over, unless if the price being too high for is a take over with walking lizards, then to that I say mission accomplished!

I give RTO (Reptile Take Over) 2 walking lizard monsters out of 10!

Trailer: None, best to look up gameplay on the internet.

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