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Party Golf (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on October 26, 2017 at 9:45 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, i'm going to tee off at another party with an old fashion game of golf in Party Golf. As the title has in it's neon lighted logo, it's golf that is also a party, but it would be an overstatement to just think that it's just regular game of golf. I'm gonna drive on these courses, to see if this golf party has range and can rev up a boogie, or will my range land inside of an alligator's mouth and it'll count as a bogey? Let's tee off!

The main goal of Party Golf is to hit a ball, watch it travel across the course, and hope that it goes into the hole, or at the very least, near enough for it to hopefully go in the next shot (real golf in a nutshell). The concept sounds like a standard golf title, and if you wanted it to be, it can be just that. Where does the “party” part come into play, you might be wondering? By real golf logic, it would mean taking turns taking shots, but here, each player hits their colored ball at the same time, with golf balls flying and colliding into each other, until one ball makes it into the hole, where a countdown will then rev up, giving the other players a chance to sink in their ball before time runs out. Depending on who got their ball in the quickest (or nearest to the hole) will determine the score and rank of who's in the lead. While it sounds pretty simplistic to the point of it being quickly accessed on the main menu in quick game, with this party, it's just getting started, as you'll find out below...

So how can you add a bit of spice to this party of golf? Game modes has just the quick set of ingredients for the spice to add. Here a bunch of different modes can change up how the game plays, with sections of edits ranging from basic edits such as changing the speed of the balls, to turning your ball into a banana....alright, maybe these changes aren't so basic, but the simple change in something can go a long way with a party such as this. It's not just the balls changing to bananas or other objects and sizes, but also mother nature can affect the terrain with a pool of water, or can take you for a ride with no gravity, or give it back to you with full force with some land mines (or, “lava” as mother nature would call it). There's a good amount of game modes to choose from, which will always keep the party fresh whenever you take this party golf, although it might be too many modes for the cpu to handle, because with some modes with special settings such as adding in flappy golf balls or having checkpoints to pass by in order, they won't do the objective or use said power, but instead, just try to head to the goal, which can be sort of a letdown when playing by yourself.

While game modes had the set ingredients, if you wanted to create your own wacky concoction of a party golf game, custom game will have you covered. Here you can mix and match a wide variety of conditions and rules however you see fit, which will make you go bananas if you add in a lot of changes to the game, such as raining bananas, because all golf games need at least one raining banana course. This mode will also keep the party fresh with plenty of options to toy around with, although if you add in too much at once, it can effect the framerate and make it a bit choppy, as well as make it sound like theirs a lightsaber battle going on. These custom options can also be toyed around with in game modes as well, so if there was a game mode that you liked but wanted to edit a bit, you'll have an option to do that.

This party of golf can be played with up to 4 players locally, but with enough joy cons for each player, up to 8 golfers can partake in these courses all at once, which can lead to some interesting results when trying to sink the ball into the same hole at the same time. If one player keeps doing better than the rest, you can set it a handicap and make it a bit more challenging for the player, such as making their ball the only banana on the course. If your family or friends aren't around to play, and you just wanted to have a quick party burst all by yourself, you can tackle the trials, which is mode more designed for single player experiences. Trials have sections that will determine the effect which will rev up in each course you play, as well as having a limit attached to it, such as a time limit, shot limit, or a distance limit, and you must get as many balls into the hole as you can before the limit runs out. While trials might seem like a single player mode, it doesn't have to be as you and other connected players can tackle the trials together and aim for the high scores to set.

All and all, Party Golf tee'd off and has landed into the hole of the Switch eShop with an albatross hole rating. While some multiplayer aspects are better with family/friends compared to the cpu, The easy to pick up and play golf game that's also a party game will definitely drive you bananas when exploring the almost endless amount of customization options that will keep the ball rolling, or banana peeling (I'm gonna end this with a pun since why not, lol).

I give Party Golf 8 Banana golf balls out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $15.00

Memory used: 1.2 GB

Review code provided by: Giant Margarita

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