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Puzzle Adventure Blockle (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 20, 2017 at 2:10 AM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to rotate the playing field to solve puzzles with a cat in Puzzle Adventure Blockle. The title of the game has what is says, it's a puzzle game that has an adventure to be told, and of course blockles. I'll be checking out the three words of the title, to see if it's something you'd want to rotate in with lot's of kitties, or to rotate out of with no kitties, let's......rotate!

As soon as you're about to get ready to start the adventure, the story will begin with a cutscene, basically telling you who, what, where, and why, all in the intro with it's bright and anime appearance. Kulu is given the task by the Mayor to collect the world stones for reasons that obviously don't relate to total world domination! Kulu can't do it alone, so the Mayor introduces Arika, who is a “goddess” that has the power to turn the playing field, but also has no background on who she is, not even species (could be a kangaroo maybe?). Now, Kulu and Arika will set out to find the world stones (for better or worse), and as you keep clearing levels, more dialogue will play, telling more of the story.

For the puzzle segments, you take control of Kulu, who can move around the playing field and interact with the objects and hazards inside of it. Kulu can't really traverse much if something is blocking his path, or out of reach, but with the rotating power of Arika, the playing field can rotate, and depending on where Kulu or some objects are, they will fall in said direction, if Kulu makes contact with stage hazards this way, he'll lose a life, and five will result in game over, though rewinding mistakes are possible, but your hearts will not be changed. Kulu's goal in each level is to reach the door by standing in front of it, so you can't just rotate to fall in the direction of the door. As you advance further into the game, more objects and stage hazards will be added into the mix, making traveling to each world feel a bit more refreshing.

Going from world to world, everything still retains that bright and chibi anime look that really gives expressions to the characters, as well as a way to keep the interest of the players' focus on the story. The worlds each contain ten levels with crowns to collect in each of them, though with some being easier to collect than others, though I wished there was more worlds and levels in this adventure, as it can end before you know it. Going for an extra challenge, getting a crown in each level will definitely make you think more when beating a level, even if you beat it. Getting a crown will require you to complete three missions all at once, which ranges from number of spaces Kulu can move, collecting pieces from locations, or even the amount of time you must clear a level, and it's a nice way to add a bit of replay value, as since some levels can be easier to clear than others, but to do it in a more complex way can make one think about new ways to clear the puzzles, or even puzzle those who have cleared the level already.

All and all, Puzzle Adventure Blockles rotates as another puzzle game that is revving up the Switch eShop with more options of puzzles. While the adventure didn't last as long as I wished it did, getting crowns in levels that I didn't before would help rotate me back into the game, and also, if you want to really rotate, total world domination would be the best bet.

I give Puzzle Adventure Blockle 8 total world dominations out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $7.99

Memory used: 212MB

Review code provided by: INTENSE

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