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Vaccine (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 17, 2017 at 3:45 AM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to explore a mansion full of undead terrors to find a vaccine in Vaccine. The 5th generation of consoles gave to rise of a certain evil that became a resident in the survival horror genre, but as time passed by and games grew, the genre has definitely evolved with new perspectives and scares, but for the genre defining games of yesteryear, how do they stack up? Vaccine attempts to recapture the feel and look of those games from the 5th generation...literally. I'm gonna load up my save from a memory card, and will see if the game still holds up today, or perhaps it's been outdated since it first came out? Let's use the vaccine to find out!

The new game begins with you selecting one of the B.R.B.S members, Rita O'Connor and Manuel G.P. Both play the same, except that their stats are a bit different from the start, though as you open doors and kill what stands in your way, you'll gain experience which you can use to upgrade your stats. Rita's upper stats are suited for handing her weapons better and dealing a bit more damage, Manuel's upper stats are suited for getting around faster and being able to take some more damage from the start. Regardless of which B.R.B.S. Member you select, your partner will make an appearance, but they won't be able to assist you, as they are on a bed in the process of turning, as it turns out, despite your best efforts, they have been infected with the virus and have half an hour of time left of suffering before they turn. Just because you know where the vaccine is, doesn't mean you'll be able to know it's location each time...

Once you're ready to explore the mansion, the game will appear to look a bit rough, with polygons having sharp enough tips on the hair to poke an eye out, as well as a chilling theme and even the walking having this crackling sound to it. To gamers who grew up with this 1080p and season passes will probably get a bit turned off from these graphics, but for those who grew up during this time of gaming will have some nostalgia someplace in them, since this due to Vaccine literally looking like a game from the 5th generation of consoles, it looks and even feels like the original Resident Evil, and that includes the ever so early 3d gaming tank controls, as well as the cameraman passing the camera around with someone else to get those dynamic shots, even if that means you'll have a hard time knowing where you are or running into a zombie's hug. Many found it to be a hit and a miss, here, it'll take some time, but you'll eventually get used to the early, engineering layout if you keep going into the mansion. 

When running into the mansion randomly for the first time, you'll probably die, this could be due to not picking up the knife at the start, but it'll also be due to the early difficulty spike, but whatever the reason is, when you try again after opening the door from the starting room, the door will lead into a completely different room that was different from the previous attempt, as the rooms change each time with randomly generated rooms, which is good for keeping the game fresh each run, though it'll be an extra step for those starting out. Baddies preventing you from the vaccine are mostly zombies who will lunge and bite at you, as well as some bats and rats, however the one that crawls on the ground will make your experience hell if you don't know how to deal with it, as it'll deal a hug chunk of your health and if your stats aren't high enough, they'll make you their prey each time, and besides one more enemy by the vaccine, there's really not much else trying to stop you, which will kinda make getting the vaccine a bit shallow as nothing else is trying to stop you.

To stay alive and to keep your partner alive, finding items along the way is crucial, especially gold and silver keys if you want to get past locked doors, these items can be found by a tiny sparkle on the ground or desks, and if you have a good amount of luck, you'll pick up better items. Equipping items is as simple as pausing the game and picking what you want, which is good if you need to switch weapons and heal in the heat of the moment. After getting the vaccine to your partner, you'd expect your partner to be cured, however, you're given a promotion in rank and then your partner becomes infected again, except this time, they'll have less time before they turn, meaning less time for you to find the vaccine. Getting the vaccine in theory would cure your partner, but they'll shortly become infected again, except in a worse state with less time before turning...perhaps there's more to this mansion than what it appears to be, and if you want to escape with your partner alive, finding secrets along the way will help uncover the truth, though if you want to uncover the secrets, getting the vaccine a couple of times might be in order...

All and all, Vaccine will show off the roots of what defined the survival horror genre back in the day, even if that means it'll also uncover it's outdated roots. While it may not take that long to find the vaccine, for a quick burst of classic survival horror on the go, it'll be good to tackle that itch, as well as a speed running itch, though if that itch has a bite mark on it, I wouldn't recommend scratching it...

I give Vaccine 7 B.R.B.S. Out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $9.99

Memory used: 309MB

Review code provided by: Rainy Frog

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