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Piczle Lines DX (Switch eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on August 28, 2017 at 9:35 PM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, i'm going to be taking some pictures with a special camera that turns things into indie games in Piczle Lines DX. Originally on mobile devices, this fresh take on a puzzle that will connect with you has now arrived on the shiny new Nintendo Switch console. I'll be solving these piczle puzzles to determine if the completed puzzles reveals artwork, or art that doesn't work. Let's piczle right into the first eShop Gurus Switch review! 

In Piczle Lines DX, the goal is to connect the dots to rearrange a mess of dots with numbers on them, reveal a hidden picture that is in plain sight, but can only be revealed by a solved outcome. The dots each have a number on them, the corresponding dictates how many spaces you can move on the grind, but the dots must match the same color and numbers to be able to connect to one another, and just because the dots match with each other, doesn't necessarily mean it's correct, as you'll find out by dots you can't match with anything, if this is the case, you can erase a connected path to redo have you connected the dots, or to connect it to another dot (or both).

The two main modes you'll be tackling are story mode and puzzle mode, with both modes offering plenty of puzzles to solve. Over 300 puzzles are included from story and puzzle mode combined, but you don't have to clear in a time limit or one go, you can do a little bit now, and then save the rest for later. Story mode tells the misadventures of what happens when you accidentally drop a Piczle-Matic 3000, a camera that turns everything into piczles. Each puzzle on every chapter will have an item that has been turned into a piczle, and when you have solved the puzzle, the item will revert back to normal and be placed one by one in the environment the characters are in. Puzzle mode is like story mode, except for the story elements and just nothing but the puzzles that you can go into in any order you so desire. Puzzle mode has sections each with themed puzzles, ranging from smaller grid puzzles such as sports or pets, to larger scaled ones such as colossal structures or dinosaurs.

The game can be played on the tv via docked mode, it looks good with it's colorful and zany presentation, though on the tv, it can look a bit blurry around the edges. I usually found myself playing the game on handheld mode, which still looks good and colorful on the go, as well as being perfect if I still wanted to solve this harder puzzle while on a car trip, which I did do, and it made the time pass without even knowing it. The joy-cons are used to move around the grid and to connect the dots, but if you wanted controls such as those of a mobile device, the game in handheld mode can be played with the touch screen, which the switch can do since the screen itself is a touchscreen (if you didn't know already).


All and all, Piczle Lines DX is an addicting puzzle game that is a must for owners of the Switch that are also fans of the genre, and just need to have a puzzle game on the Switch to fill their needs of a puzzle game on the Switch. Once you're hooked, you'll want to probably solve all the hundreds of puzzles to uncover what each puzzle is, and for the price, plenty of puzzles are included, with more to come to fill up any piczle appetites with free updates!

I give Piczle Lines DX 8 piczles out of 10!

Cost on the eShop: $14.99

Memory used: 167MB

Review code provided by: Rainy Frog

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