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Elminage Original (3DS eshop)

Posted by Undead_terror on August 24, 2017 at 10:35 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Elminage Original for the 3DS ware, this is a turn based dungeon crawler RPG game was published by Ninja Games Japan and developed by Starfish SD. This game costs $19.99 US, $25.99 CAN and needs 3108 blocks to download.

Originally a game for the PSP in 2011, this is a game that tells about a world created by gods, their power is in a tower which is surrounded by a barrier which is held up by rings. There is six of them, a dark sorceress plans on destroying the rings and only destroyed one, leaving five more which is scattered across the lands. Many adventures are trying to find the rings to stop the evil and earn fame.

Already the game seems sort of generic, a story you won't remember too much about which seems like the case for a lot of these budget looking RPG's, but looking past the story, there is only a couple interesting things which will we mentioned later.

To start things off, the game looks and sounds so much like any other RPG that it doesn't really have a proper identity, you basically got hand drawn sprites which look nice, but looks like something from RPG maker. All the NPC's, enemies, and backgrounds are done in hand drawn sprites, nice looking but generic, the NPC's are what you expect like a old man, shop keeper, etc, and the monsters are the basic slimes, bats, thiefs, dragons, you name it! (the game also has 3D effect which is ok at best). The music while nice, it still feels like it could be in any RPG game along with sound effects from the game.

But here is where it gets interesting, when starting a adventure, you can make your own group of six, you can go to a bar and get characters pre-made or you can actually make your own!, not to mention that you can use your own character avatars and body pictures via 3DS camera. There is nine races, 12 classes, you can choose your age from 10-999, their nature, and well of course you can name your own character.

Once you get to make your team, you may already experience that the menus are a bit of a hassle, especially when checking on your characters, switching items and such, if you have six characters on the team, have fun doing that six times!. Onwards to adventure!, except the only this is no RPG like Final Fantasy in which you can walk all over the world, you have a map, select where to go, and you end up there, like a old RPG.

The real action of the game is when you are in dungeons, you get this first person mode, move one step/block forward at a time and go around trying to find things and encounter enemies that pop at random which you won't see coming. This game is similar to Orcs and Elves (DS) and the Etrian Odyssey games (3DS), but not as good looking as those games when exploring around the dungeons which feel more bare-boned, but at least there is different dungeon themes.

In dungeons you are just trying to find things to complete quests you activated, but on your way, you will encounter enemies, like any other RPG, you can make a character attack/defend/use a spell/use a item/escape. Be warned this game doesn't show much mercy, even at the start of the game you can be overwhelmed by monsters. The first quest of the game you gotta find a Jewel ring in a dungeon, two minutes later you can come across between 3-6 monsters in one battle, these monsters can take away half of a characters health in one hit, this is the start of the game may I remind you, so you will either spam A on attack for everyone to attack or spam A on escape so the whole party can escape.

After winning a battle and getting EXP, you get a chest which will most likely have a trap which the thief class can deal with the easiest. If you get whatever from the chest harmed/unharmed, you will get gold and "junk", if you don't have a bishop class character with you to tell what the item is, you gotta pay gold at the store to find out what it is...sorta defeats the purpose of free loot huh?. So you must know what classes do what and have variety if you want to beat this game because each character is unique in their own way.

At the end of the day Elminage Original isn't the worst RPG ever, but it's no where near the best, with the generic RPG look of it which you can mistake it for another RPG game, the difficulty of the game, it can push people away. If you are willing to play this game can last up to 30 hours for the main quests or more if you do the side quests.


Rating: 5/10


Review code provided by Starfish SD

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