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Coqui the game (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on August 9, 2017 at 9:25 PM

  Eshop Gurus SheldonRandoms here, and today, I'm going to hop to it in the world of Coqui the game. If you were wondering, a “Coqui” is really a type of frog that is native to Puerto Rico, and this frog is inside of a video game, so it would make the title of the game make sense since it's a game about a coqui. I'm going to see if this frog has enough hop as a kangaroo, or should it be hopped onto a plate as frog legs? Let's hop into this review!

The plot takes place on the beautiful island of Boriken Islands, where it was peaceful and what not, until that sudden day, where the evil mad Pumking and his army of pumpkins invaded and turned the once peaceful island, into a place of horror, and the trees of life are feeling the torment. Now, it's up to Coqui to save the Boriken Islands from the grasp of the evil mad Pumking before it's too late.


Once after the story is told, Coqui will be at some location on Boriken Islands, except in the overworld version. The map is akin to Super Mario World, although Coqui hops at a slower pace compared to Mario when he traveled in said game. Once you find yourself inside of a level, Coqui will find himself in a platforming adventure, going from left to right on a variety of levels on land, in the water, or even the skies, over 47 of them, to be exact, but it's not all a rush to the end as quickly as possible, but you must also collect a certain amount of blue butterflies to be able to get to the goal, as a frog, you'd expect Coqui to eat the butterflies? Nadda, Coqui just touches them to collect them, or he can hop on one to another, and doing so seven times in a row will net you a golden medallion, which you might want to save up, along with regular butterflies for when the time is right for a bonus.....Oh, that's right, evil pumpkin overlords would have ways to try and prevent Coqui from saving the day, which is why pumpkin themed baddies will try and stop you, along with other hazards, which is why Coqui can defend himself with a slam attack while in the air, or out of a cannon after clearing a level.

When I just typed “other hazards”, I didn't mean by just additional baddies, other levels will add in some puzzle elements by slamming logs to make a path, or underwater levels where Coqui must use his bubble moves to defend himself underwater and remove blocks with faces on them. While some of these puzzles can be easily figured out, if you didn't know what to do, you'd be stuck, and hopefully someone on miiverse can assist, or if there was a sign or some hint as to what you could do, that would've helped. It's not just with helping progressing further into the game, but with saving in general, since the manual (digital one) says to “press + to save” it didn't work at all when I pressed it at first, and I thought the game had auto saved and didn't know how else to save, so when I quit the game to do my swell antics, I originally lost my entire save, but it turns out, the way to save is to find a tiki hut in the overworld, but the game didn't state that or in the manual, and the number of said saving tiki huts aren't plentiful, so if you wanted to save before a level or boss fight, you'd have to hop to one, and since Coqui isn't the fastest overworld hopper, it'll become repetitive in a matter of minutes.If you wanted to pause and quit a level to save lives to save before a tough level/boss, well you can pause via home button, but for quitting a level, you gotta clear a level or get a game over, and some levels can take a while when the pace slows down and a lack of checkpoints revs up (or down).

The graphics all take place on the gamepad, as well as the gameplay, controls, plot, etc, but the music plays from the tv, which is just a black screen as if your tv is off, as there is no option to play the game on the tv, gamepad only. The graphics on the gamepad were shrunk down because of this, but to the eye of some players, it might not be appealing to look at, and would make those hop away because of it. On the gamepad, seeing where Coqui is hopping around is not really so much an issue, but because the game is zoomed in, i've made some “leaps of faith” that didn't go into my favor, and on certain levels, Coqui will go into the background, which is neat for shaking things up, but it'll make Coqui the frog into Coqui the dot. I was able to play these sections normally, but for those who have trouble seeing sprites that small, it'll be a hassle to hop on a path of blue butterflies. The controls will take some time to getting used to, but they thankfully can manage for those sections, as well as sections in different levels of the game when needed

All and all, Coqui the game has some hop in it, but doesn't really stand out much with it's hop in general. I might've looked through some of the rotten parts of this avocado to eat some of the still good and ripe parts, but for others, they'll take a look of said avocado, and just toss it into the trash, since in their eyes, it simply wasn't appealing to munch on. If said avocado ever goes on sale for a good price, it wouldn't be the worst tasting avocado from the Wii U eShop, but it wouldn't be the best tasting either, but for the price, eh, why not.

I give Coqui the game 5 avocados out of 10! 

Cost on the eShop: $4.99

Memory used: 109MB

Review code provided by: Team One Studio

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