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Bit Dungeon+ (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on October 22, 2016 at 1:15 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to be entering a plus sized dungeons many, many times in Bit Dungeon+. Bit Dungeon originally first brought it’s dungeon exploring adventure onto mobile screens, which eventually got some added additions that explains the “+” in the title, now, that plus sized dungeon has opened up to Wii U owners. I’m going to enter this dungeon…..If I don’t make it out alive, I’m sure I’ll get another chance to explain how it went, I just hope I can remember what it was like though.


The backstory before the dungeon crawling is that you (the hero in armor) and your loved one (loved one of the hero in shining armor), were surrounded and captured by demons. The demons took and separated them into the mysterious dungeon, and have locked them in a cell. When one is trapped in a cell like this, it seems like they’ll meet their end in a matter of moments, at the very least, they’ll be reunited in the afterlife, but this wasn’t the case. Our hero has somehow managed to sleep for a thousand years in the cell. The most important thing he can think about now is not how did he survive sleeping for a thousand years, but to slay the demons and other monsters in the dungeon, to rescue and be reunited with his loved one, but to do that, he needs to find her soul. With a nearby weapon at his deposal, our hero explores the dungeon, putting his soul on the line in the progress.

Once you begin your quest, the layout will remind you of the earlier Zelda titles, the overhead perspective ones where you ran around the place (in this case, the dungeon segments) and battled foes with your trusty sword and other means of attacks. You’ll be exploring the dungeon trying to save the soul of the hero’s loved one, but on your first try, you’ll likely get ambushed and killed by these purple canine beasts and not know how to handle them. “It’s alright” you’d think to yourself, “As they devour my character’s body, I could always try again and use a special attack to deal with them”, but when you try and do that, you’ll notice something about your save data…….It’s gone! Did the monsters that had feast on the remains of your body eat your save data, or perhaps the battery inside of the cart busted, but for real, what happened was real life, once you die in this dungeon, you don’t comeback, no checkpoints or extra lives, you remain dead, but perhaps if you had another soul…But technically, it’s not completely wiped away as you might think, your result stats are stored and shown whenever you die, like the one telling you how much you’ve died, that’ll remain to remind you of times you've fallen in the bit dungeon.

You start out with low tier gear, the ones that won’t get you anywhere in the long run. You’ll have a sword (or a different weapon) for attacking, a shield for blocking enemy attacks, but if you keep blocking them for too long, you’ll get dazed and be open for attack, which means you won’t be able to use magic either. As you explore the dungeon, you can find gear and weapons to equip, which can either increase or decrease your stats, and whenever you start again, you can select them from the start from the avatar screen. If you can’t find the gear you’re looking for, or just want one that’s more powerful, check out the shops hidden in locations inside of cracked walls, but you’re going to need some form of currency, and that’s where the old-school grinding kicks in! Sometimes, the baddies can leave behind money that you can spend at the hidden shops behind the cracked walls (such a swell name choice), and, like most games, the better gear and weapons will require more currency.

Like mentioned before, the layout reminds me of the classic overhead perspective Zelda titles, although a bit more dark and grim compared to those games, as well as bloody, you can step in a pile of blood and leave behind a footprint trail of blood. The sprite work looks good and (of course) retro, it’s nothing extraordinary, but it gets the job done for clearing dungeons. The music sounds (once again) retro, again, nothing too special, but it still gives off that retro vibe, which is always a plus. When the action is brought to the gamepad by pressing the minus button, it’ll switch the map from gamepad to tv, and gameplay from tv to gamepad (and vice versa). When the action is on the gamepad, the chiptunes just feel more chiptunish, I guess that’s due to the smaller speakers on the gamepad, but whatever the case, if you want it to sound more retro, play on the gamepad.

The bit dungeon (that is plus sized) has ways of making you return to the dungeon. When you first start off, you don’t know where you’ll end up, the dungeons can generate differently each time you play, creating a different gameplay experience with each adventure, but it doesn’t just change each time you play, it can also end each time you play, as there’re multiple different endings to uncover. While that’s a positive, when you keep going deeper and deeper into the dungeon, it’ll get a bit repetitive, with enemies repeating themselves but being harder to strike down, but even then, by that time, you’ll have upgraded gear to tackle them. If you want more of a challenge, set it on the hell difficulty, where it’ll give the baddies more of an advantage at the start, which will make you think twice when just running and slashing away carelessly. Perhaps you want to find the soul of your lost one with a loved one right next to you, as you and another player can explore the dungeons together, but, sharing is not caring, as items, weapons and currency aren’t shared with the other player. To try and spice things up, the babel tower has it’s doors open, welcoming you to challenge it. In this mode, you must keep fighting and explore as much as you can to find the red door that’ll lead you to the next area in a set amount of time, how many floors can you complete under the time limit?

All and all, Bit Dungeon+ is a dungeon that has pluses in it that’re worth going into. While some negatives can occur along the way such as some repetitiveness later on, it’s still a dungeon worth looking into. It’s a game, while playing a bit like the classic Zelda titles, still holds its own, but just make sure to keep holding your own, or else you’ll be forced to let it go and lose it all.


I give Bit Dungeon+ 7 Dungeons out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $6.00

Memory used: 302 MB

Review code provided by: Dolores Entertainment S.L.


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