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Wings of Magloryx (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 29, 2016 at 9:05 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m gaining the wings of a Dragon Lord to take flight in Wings of Magloryx. In this game, you take control of a dragon that must return to it’s home world to save it from destruction. With the wings of a Dragon Lord, I’ll tell you if these wings made the experience for me, or was I better off just walking? Let’s take flight into this review!

The plot of Wings of Magloryx can be accessed through the main menu via “story”, it’s nothing too long or anything, basically a summary of why Magloryx is taking flight. Basically, it says that a long time ago, a dragon named Magloryx, ruled over the Hover Realm as the titled “Dragon Lord”. When Magloryx was catching some z’s, the Druid Horch managed to steal all five of the realm’s relics, the ancient artifacts of the realm, as well as taken over and corrupted the land. When Magloryx awoke, he discovered what has happened, and will soar across the Hover Realm to reclaim the re restore balance and defeat Horch. It’s not the deepest of plots out there and it does differ a bit in the manual, talking about how Magloryx has to cross worlds and find his way home in the progress, which was not explained in the story scroll, however, I’ll get back on that, for now, I’m going to use these dragon lord wings to explain the gameplay.

As Magloryx, you must fly around parts of the corrupted Hover Realm and blast away structures in the area to clear the stage. In some stages, they’ll be captured peasants, which you can save for a bonus, however, they’re not required to clear the stage. The left analog stick is used for hovering, while the right one is used for rotating Magloryx around, and controlling his elevation, pressing on the right analog stick is how you’re going to rescue captured peasants (if you want) and collect scattered gold pieces (because dragons want to always be golden, even while sleeping). Magloryx is always in midflight, he never bothers to use his dragon feet to run across the islands, so you can’t land, but this is called “Wings of Magloryx”, not “Feet of Magloryx”, so it’s kind of expected. The gamepad’s touchscreen is used to interact with the rune books, and the rune book that you can use depends on the menu you’re on. The red one can only be used via gameplay, it showcases your stats, as well as items that you can use at the moment, the brown one acts as a “shop”, you can purchase spells for Magloryx to that’ll help you bring fear to your foes, and lastly, the black one is the rune code, a.k.a. “passwords”, if you have a rune code, perhaps it’ll grant Magloryx power ups to use, or net you something, the only way you’ll know is if you find them.


Magloryx’s main source of attack is usually his fiery breath in the shape of fireballs, and with that, it’s used to blast at foes, as well as to destroy the structures that stand in your way, just becareful around structures, because just touching them (or the pieces of them that’re floating in midair), can actually damage Magloryx. While you can just fire away at foes, the problem is that there is no lock on aiming, not even a reticle, so you’ll have to keep firing and firing until you hit your target. When aiming while not moving, it’ll be easier to hit your foes, but when enemy fire is near your tail, it’ll be harder to land fireballs on your target, as the fireballs can tend to just not hit their targets, and this can become more of an issue because you could easily get an “out of bounds” message due to going too far off, the game doesn’t have a way of letting you know exactly how much space around some areas are, just that message and a door noise. When fire is being revved up from both sides, it can take a chunk of the framerate down with it, and it happens when too much is on the screen, as well as just hitting some of the structures. When the game has less on it’s dragon scales, it tends to run better, except don’t expect that to last long sometimes, because something else might bring that framerate back down.

As I was soaring across the Hover Realm, the objectives pretty much remained the same, “ destroy this many structures”, and after a while, it began to feel the same, I expected more objectives to offer a bit more variety, but it wasn’t there. To try and shake things up, each colored section of the map has a boss battle after clearing the four main levels of structure smashing (and repeat) objective. The boss battles control a bit differently compared to the main levels, as Magloryx can now rotate in place, although that doesn’t really have that much of a use for the battles. The battles themselves either had you firing at the bosses themselves, or firing at even more structures, even if the boss wasn’t attacked at all, if the structure falls, the boss has failed. The final showdown with Horch felt unfair, he has this move where he wrecks a structure and it just OHKO’s me each time, despite none of the pieces hitting me, if bosses are being a real pain, a spell in the rune book might be the trick you need to tackle some bosses.

Fantasy words can be as creative as one can imagine it, but in here, it can look bland and empty, with the backgrounds just looking like it’s one or two colors with nothing flying in them (besides projectiles and Magloryx of course), making it almost feel like a wallpaper really, because the main menu layout shows off more life and expression in it than the stage backgrounds in the game. The models on the characters look alright, and do show more to them when the game is preforming with a higher framerate. The music sounds alright, nothing too special or catchy, but it gets the job done when it needs to, especially at that main menu or boss battle themes. Even though it’s lacking in some designs in looks, when you pause the game, you’ll see what appears to be a screenshot from a comic that looks like it takes place in the Hover Realm, that is because on the developer’s website, there is a companion comic that explores in greater details about the world of the Dragon Lord Magloryx. The comic screenshots show off greater details of Magloryx and the baddies he’ll be up against, compared to the details of the character designs from the comic and Wii U title, it almost looks like they’re separate characters in different series. The comic also has secret rune codes you can enter in the game, so if you want another comic to read, this might catch your interest.

All and All, Wings of Magloryx has some power in the wings of the Dragon Lord, however, the wings couldn’t support it as much as it could had supported it, leading into some bumps in the air. While the Hover Realm has a world that wants to be explored, it doesn’t offer much of a world to me, I didn’t feel connected to the realm or Magloryx as I could’ve, perhaps if Magloryx can sleep on gold for a long while to dream up another, improved adventure, I’d feel more connected to this world or Magloryx.


I give Wings of Magloryx 5 dragon wings out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $14.99

Memory used: 782 MB

Review code provided by: Arbelos Interactive

For more details on the companion comic:


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