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Piano Teacher (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 22, 2016 at 4:25 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to be playing a virtual piano in Piano Teacher. This game advertises itself to transform you from a piano playing beginner, to a piano-playing pro. I’m just a kangaroo that sorta knows how to play the first part of twinkle twinkle little star, so I’ll see if this can make me become a pianist like Jen Msumba, or will I just continue playing the first part of twinkle twinkle little star on the piano? Let’s play the piano!


Once your finger is set on playing, you’ll notice an island with a piano on it, it’s music has summoned an army of fish to go out and about, it makes the experience seem promising, as if it’ll be there with you, except for the giant, amputated finger on the top corner of the screen………It’ll go away if you tap it, and it’s not there to scare you, it’s a tip suggesting to use one finger, which you can use, but I preferred using the stylus, as the Wii U gamepad can only be touched once instead of multiple times like on smart devices. To view what songs you can play, go to view song list, which contains 20 songs in it that Piano Teacher will go over with you, although, by going over with you, well, let’s go over to the next paragraph and I’ll explain how that goes…

…You’ll notice 20 different numbered icons, with the first one being the only one that has three stars on it. You can listen to a short demo of the other songs, but to play some of the later ones, you’ll have to start from the top, and as you keep playing songs, the difficulty will increase with each song, as told by the meter, the higher the blue goop in the meter is, the more challenging the song will be to play. Once playing, it’ll go over how to play one piano key at a time, a key will lash red, and you gotta press on the key when it does, so it can continue, depending on the song, the key will flash at different rates. Once you played a song, you’ll be graded on your performance, with the highest being three gold stars, to a flunking failed!You’re going to need at least a gold star rating to proceed to the next available song, and you’ll keep doing this and doing this until you reach the 20th song, and once you do……that’s it.

After clearing each song, do I feel like I can play the piano somewhat? Do I have what it takes to become a pianist like Jen Msumba? Not quite. I’ve mentioned that name earlier before in the review, Jen Msumba, who is she? She’s a pianist that actually played the piano examples provided, if you liked or want to see more of her piano playing, check out her Youtube channel, it’ll make you say “Hey, look, it’s the piano girl!”. While she’s great at what she does, with Piano Teacher, you won’t reach that kind of level anytime soon. The main issue is that it advertises you’ll become a pro at playing the piano, the problem is that how are you supposed to do that when it doesn’t really go over the steps on how to play the piano? It does state that it’ll help you to “easily” play 20 different known songs, but the issue with that, is that is just basically lights up what note to play next, what would’ve been a better way at teaching would’ve been to teach you some parts of the song, little by little, and then after showing you how to play a little of the song, you’ll have to play the part without any hints. This could’ve been easier to take in, but the asking price is asking for too much for something that feels like false advertising, it costs 40 bucks, again, too much for something that’s false advertising.

All and all, Piano Teacher is lacking the piano keys needed at becoming a piano teaching app that could’ve taught a piano noob at becoming the next Jen Msumba. It has potential in that, if it were truly a teacher, it would’ve went over the lessons better with it’s student. It could’ve at least taught you how to play some songs, it didn’t need to teach you how to play in the big leagues, but the main kicker is that it costs way too much for something it doesn’t say it would do.

I give Piano Teacher 3 piano keys out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $39.99

Memory used: 121 MB

Review code provided by: Skunk Software

Jen Msumba's Youtube channel:


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