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The First Skunk Bundle (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 21, 2016 at 3:25 AM

Eshop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m opening up a bundle of games with a skunk logo on the box in The First Skunk Bundle. This bundle contains five titles created by Skunk Software, which each differing in different genre of games. I’m going to open up this bundle, and one by one, give my thoughts on each game, and see whether or not this bundle is worth the asking price of 25 bucks, and to give better judgement on each game, I’ll pretend that each game really costs 5 bucks and say if it’s at least that amount. Once this bundle is opened, will it stink up your room so that it smells like a skunk? Hey, at least you’ll have tomato juice to drink if that’s the case, but anyway, let’s open this bundle!


The five games will be listed on the main menu, with a piano playing for the music. The first game is Haunted Hotel, which is in first person (sorry I had to). What you have to do is explore a hotel in search of keys to unlock doors to try and get to the roof, however, if your battery runs out…good thing extra batteries are scattered across the hotel, so they can keep your flashlight lit. So what makes this hotel so haunted? Mostly the jumpscare that keeps revving up from some picture with a woman with some edited face that looks like it came straight from a creepypasta with walls oozing green slime. The game has an audio battle, two tracks are playing at the same time, fighting to be the games main soundtrack, one of them is some creepyish tune, while the other is a rendition of Welcome to Hotel California. The environments look bland, it doesn’t make it that more creepy, and it can be very choppy, so choppy, the framerate drops to less than half of 30FPS. You’ll be looking for keys, getting jumpscared and listening to a music battle trying to reach the roof of the hotel room. Overall, Haunted Hotel is a hotel that offers too little for the asking price of 5 bucks to see what it has to offer, it can get a good laugh, sure, but for 5 bucks, meh, I’d say the most it’s worth at max is $2.99


Snake, Snake!?! SNNNNAAAAAKKKKKKEEEE!!!!......Anyways, Snake Classic is the classic snake game usually called snake. If you don’t know how this plays or already know, then allow this kangaroo to sum it up in a realistic way. You’re a “snake” and you must slither around to devour your scared and helpless prey. Each time you do, your stomach is thankful, and it digests the prey in almost an instant, adding nutrient and other vitamins to your snake insides, causing the snake’s body to grow by one. The bigger you are, the more you score, literally, it adds to your score each time you do this. Sometimes, you’ll find a clear prey, these contain more nutrient and other vitamins than in just a single prey, chomp one down, and you’ll grow even larger at a faster progress. Since you’re growing at a faster rate, you can’t stop, but yet, you’re still hungry, and want to eat more, whatever you spot, you want inside your stomach, and you want it in there now! If you just so happen to chomp on your snake body, you’ll bite yourself and most likely would eat yourself, resulting in a game over, also, you’ll get a game over if you touch the walls containing the snake, most likely an electric fence…….I could go on and on, but to sum it up as the classic snake game, you’re trying to get a high score each time, and overall…..It’s snake, you’ve probably played it before, is this version worth 5 bucks? Not in this era of gaming. A cheaper price of 99 cents is probably the best asking point for this version of the classic game that looks like it belongs on a calculator, not saying it’s a bad thing, but there’re better modern versions of this game available.


Right off the bat, I’ll say that Catchy is my favorite game included in this bundle, and if it was sold for 5 bucks, it would be worth the asking price (although, some would disagree with that). In the oddly named Catchy, you’re a faceless pyramid explorer (who reminds me of Indiana Joe from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, they even look alike…could they be the same person!?!) in search of all the ankhs that’s inside of the pyramid, once found, you must negative to the elevator to go deeper into the pyramid. “Indiana Joe” controls a bit like a car, most notably when he’s turn reversing, the direction has to go the opposite direction, so right is left and left is right, and after a while, I was used to the controls, any little flaw with them got overlooked as I kept going deeper into the pyramid. So (many) ankhs, Such Pyramid (to explore). As you continue to clear levels, more challenging ones are unlocked, with a total of over 50 of them, and they can provide to be a bit of a challenge later on, although, it can start to look the same the further and further you go, and make it feel a bit repetitive. There’s also a variety of baddies and traps that you’ll encounter, such as disappearing platforms and ones that’ll fall when you step on them, although some are just “we touch you, you die” type of baddies, such as the Anubis and mummy, who just walk off the platform if they keep walking straight. You can’t battle the baddies, since Indiana Joe didn’t bring a whip or a gun, he’s defenseless, so it might be a good thing the Anubis doesn’t launch aura spheres like Lucario (because Lucario looks like an Anubis, if you didn’t know), or the mummy doesn’t wraps you up and toss you in the trash, because otherwise, you’d be toast. Catcher is overall, the game that has caught my attention the most in this first ever skunk bundle, and would be worth it if it were sold as a standalone release for 5 bucks, despite some of it’s flaws.


Bomb Blaster is the next game to ignite in this bundle. In this game, you must place bombs to knock over the baddies on platforms into the ground. You’ll start with a set number of bombs, and you can place as much as you can in a level, once you’re ready to blast em’ to smithereens, press the detonator and watch the bomb(s) go BOOM, as well as those baddies hopefully. Not all the creatures in this are guilty for those crimes that is never explained as to why they’re guilty, but they must’ve done something wrong those baddies, which is why the brainless are innocent, do not hurt the brainless, well, maybe a little, as you can still knock them around with the bomb blasts, just don’t knock them to their falling doom. To add some challenge, you can unlock a medal in each level by clearing the stage while using a certain amount of bombs, and you’ll need to do them to unlock more levels, perhaps more are “coming soon” via this method? Each passing level, more baddies are included, which adds to the strategic thinking you’ll have to rev up, although, some of the later levels can be a bit tricky to pull off, especially if you’re trying to do it in a certain amount of bomb blasts. Bomb Blaster, to best describe it shortly, is Angry Birds if you can place the bomb bird around the pig’s defensive, the music (which you can turn off if you find it to get annoying), graphics and layout all remind me of a mobile game, is that a bad thing? Not really, but for what it is, it’s decent and could provide some fun with more added levels, but for what it offers for 5 bucks at the moment, it would’ve been better off as a separate download for $1.99 the max.


The final game in the bundle, Zombie Epic, you must survive in a zombie apocalyptic world after getting captured by cannibals. It’s a top down shooter in the zombie apocalypse which reminds me of those sessions that I played with my buddy in SAS: Zombie Assault 3. Zombie Epic has a short story mode, as well as an endless mode. When I say that the story mode is short, I mean, it’s short, and doesn’t take that long to complete. During the story, voice acting is included, which makes going through the story the more amusing to go through, the “F” and “S” words are even used in the dialogue. In a nutshell, it’s just one guy who got skinned alive by cannibals going around, getting two other guys to come along with him, and they fight the endless horde of zombies, which, is the basically also the endless mode in a nutshell as well, because the ending to the story mode is the endless mode. One hit deaths are also a thing in this, which isn’t really an issue with the story mode, it’s the endless mode where this is a problem, as after killing a couple of zombies, the entire screen is just filled with them, and they take a couple of hits to kill, so after getting touched by a single zombie, you’ll be seeing a skunk spraying a game over with the “WA WAA WAAAAAAAA” sound effect, which, for a “bloody mature zombie survival game” isn’t all that mature. The controls work for the most part, although, sometimes, I get stuck when I’m rotating the aim. Zombie Epic overall isn’t as epic as it makes itself out to be, and isn’t worth 5 bucks mainly due to the short story mode acting like a cutscene for the endless mode. The endless mode could provide some replayability to tackle, but you’re just overwhelmed to soon, even with the powered up guns and backup from the other two shooters, at most, it’s worth 99 cents.


All and All, for the asking price of $24.99, The First Skunk Bundle offers not enough bang for your bucks. All the games with the exception of Catchy, are not worth the asking price of at least 5 bucks, and would’ve been better off if they were separate downloads. It feels like the games were picked at random to throw into this bundle, because would a game like Catchy or Snake Classic be included into an M rated game? That’s something else, due to Haunted Hotel and Zombie Epic’s more mature themed games, this bundle is rated M for mature, which is like if Super Mario All-Stars included a GTAV mod that replaced the characters with Mario ones , would that make sense? Nadda nadda nadda. This is the “first” skunk bundle, hopefully for the second one can fare better than the first one, mainly if its priced better, it would be easier to recommended, which I wish I could say for this one, perhaps if the price dropped low enough, it would be alright, but for the current asking price, it’s hard to do so, and really, that’s the main reason that’s bringing it down.


I give The First Skunk Bundle 3 skunks in a bundle out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $24.99

Memory used: 936MB

Review code provided by: Skunk Software


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