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Skunky B's Super Slots Saga #1

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 16, 2016 at 1:10 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to create a saga for myself by playing a bunch of slots, in Skunky B’s Super Slots Saga #1. I’m going to see if I can conquer all of Skunky B’s slots, will I become filthy stinkin’ rich, or will I stink like Skunky B…..I’m sure Skunky B smells fine, he’s a skunk, skunks usually smell fine, you just gotta get on their good side, but enough on biology, time to rev up those slots!

Once you begin your saga, you’ll find yourself with a bunch of locks in front of a background of a city at nighttime, most likely being good ol’ Viva Las Vegas. The first icon, the ace of spades, however, is not locked, but is just spinning around, it’s the first themed slot on your very long journey to conquer all 24 of Skunky B’s slots. Once in, you’ll start with a thousand bucks. You can set the bet amount from as little as a cent, to as high as the thousand bucks you have at the moment (just one line from the start), and, let’s just say, you play and spend it all on once and lose, you’ll have no money left, would you get another chance to play? Nadda, you’ll be forced to go back to the lobby to click on the arrow icon, where your entire progress is cleared, starting you back at the beginning with all locks and one ace of spades, just be careful, because if you pressed it by mistake, there’s no “are you sure?” message, it’ll just refresh to square one, so beware.

Is this just slots gambling similar to Skunk Software’s other slots based Wii U eShop title, “Slots - Pharaoh's Riches”? The main principle is basically the same, it’s slots, where you tab or pull the handle, the pictures keep spinning until they stop all one at a time, however, in Skunky B’s first slot saga offering, it offers a bit more depth to it. At the top, an empty bar will display a total amount next to the zero amount, whenever you bet at the slots, the empty bar will get filled up with a yellow bar inside, the more you bet, the higher it’ll keep increasing. When you fill up the entire bar, it’ll start over with a higher amount to reach, as well as leveling you up. When you level up, that is when one of the many locks one at a time unlocks itself, offering a new background to play slots in. At first, it’ll seem like you can get through them all pretty quickly when you place high amount of bets, however, later on, the highest amount of bets won’t seem to fill up the bar as much, this will occur during the middle part of the saga, and it can really take a long time to do, because the amount needed to level up keeps going up by doubling whatever the previous amount was. This can become repetitive to do after a while, and will make Skunky B’s bizarre slot adventure become tedious to get through. An option to purchase the next slot could’ve made things go by a bit quicker, as it could’ve made the player think to either continue with something new, or keep trying to build up first.


Skunky B’s slots look decent, although, they all seem to share the same basic layout, a mostly grey color scheme with a picture in the background, with one of the icons in the slot representing what the theme of the slot is. The backgrounds are just still images, they don’t move or have any effects in them, which can make them look tiring to look at after a while, because even with what does change in each slot, it’ll feel too similar with each other. Two songs will be heard mostly through this entire saga, the first one on the slot select screen is a relaxing, sorta jazzish theme, with the other one during the slot gameplay being something that’ll more than likely get overheard by the slots themselves. Another jingle will play when you get to the cherry picking mini game, that occurs when three trees are having landed in the slots. In this mini game, a tree with cherries are on it, and you have to select three of them, once you do, you’ll receive an amount of cash based on the number that was behind the cherries you’ve picked. It’s an alright bonus game, although, more bonus games could’ve helped increase the amount of variety in the slots.


All and all, Skunky B’s Super Slots Saga #1 will definitely fill up your slotting needs if you have them, as you’ll be hitting that spin button a lot, however, later on with the spinning, it’ll start to feel the same and can get tiresome when trying to level up and unlock more slots. If you’re a fan of slots, for the price, you’ll defiantly save money instead of playing the real deal, however, don’t except that much fancy lights to go with Skunky B’s slots.


I give Skunky B’s Super Slots Saga #1 5 slots out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $14.95

Memory used: 226 MB

Review code provided by: Skunk Software


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