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Super Hero Math (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 10, 2016 at 12:30 AM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to become a super kangaroo hero that has the power to fly and add addition to my resume of powers in Super Hero Math + Addition. As the title says, you’re a super hero that has powers and works in the field with math, mainly addition. I’ll be seeing if this super hero’s powers add up, or if it’ll divide by zero? Up, up and awwwwwway!


When you first get to the main menu, you have the option to select either the girl or boy hero, there’re no differences between the two stat wise, only by looks and gender. Once selected, your hero is flying in the sky via in a vertical shooter style, where they’ll keep flying, and keep flying after that, until they freeze in midair, where they’ll have to solve an addition question, answering correctly will unfreeze your hero so they can continue flying, but answer incorrectly, and they’ll be frozen for a short while. Obstacles and baddies appear out of nowhere, you can blast them out of the sky with an energy blast, which can be spawned many times at once, doing this will get you some points, as well as coins you collect in the sky which gives you some points as well. Once the super hero you picked gets hit, it’s a one-hit instant death with no extra lives or continues, only the option to start over again. After a couple of more flights, it’ll all feel the same after a short while.

The environment of the city is packed with blue shaded buildings with a sunset in the sky, which can look a bit generic for a city. The super heroes and other objects in the sky coming towards you look alright and have some decent animation attached them, nothing really too special though. To accompany the graphics is this standard super hero tune that pretty much is a rule in the super hero handbook, which would probably state that “All super heroes, at least those that wear capes and super suits, MUST have this heroic theme with trumpets played by an orchestra attached to them wherever they go”. One theme for the main menu, and another one that is a bit more actiony during the gameplay, it overall sounds alright and gets the job done at the end of the day.

The amount of content found in Super Hero Math is a bit lacking considering the asking price of $7.99. The game is called “Super Hero Math” and shows a super hero man, wearing a super suit with a cape holding a basket of apples, yet he doesn’t really make an appearance in the gameplay at all, just on the main menu and startup screen. The two super hero kids don’t have any backstory or even names, just “Girl” and “Boy”, making them feel like just generic heroes thrown into this game without any reason just to be there. The blue shaded city doesn’t change regardless of how far you fly, no other cities or baddies coming your way or additional powers to gain, making your duty as a super hero feel pointless. The main offer this can has to fly in this blue shaded city again is to try and tackle your high score, though with so little to do, flying that far again might not seem like the ideal way to fly, and would eventually become tiresome due to addition problems that keep revving up almost every 10 seconds to halt your progress ,


All and All, Super Hero Math doesn’t add up to the correct amount when it tries to take on the role of an additional based super hero game. While it does have math questions that would be alright for those still learning about addition, the rest just lacks enough depth to justify the $7.99 asking price, so for super heroes “Girl” & “Boy”, it’s back to super hero school for them.

I give Super Hero Math 3 math problems out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $7.99

Memory used: 94 MB

Review code provided by: Skunk Software


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