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Games for Toddlers (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on September 8, 2016 at 8:55 PM

  eShop guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to be playing games for toddlers in Games for Toddlers. As the name implies, this is a collection of four games that’re designed for toddlers in mind that use the Gamepad’s touch screen to control the games, a control method that toddlers these days know how to use with their (Mom or Dad’s) mobile device. I’ll be seeing if these are games they’ll want to continue playing with, or to put these games away at the bottom of their toy chest to make way for the next big toy or game? Let’s play some toddler games!

The main menu showcases the titles of the four games (as well as dat skunk), along with music playing on the piano. The first game on the list is A-mazing. In this game, you must lead a boy through a maze filled with apples to reunite with his soccer ball. There’re three different maze sizes, small has the full view of the maze with the soccer ball goal in sight, and with medium and large, the larger the map, the more running through the maze filled with apples the boy will have to run through to reunite with his ball. Each time a maze is selected, a new one will randomly be generated each time, though the goal remains the same each time. The apples themselves don’t really serve much of a purpose except to show that the boy has been in this area before, they don’t give points or have total amount collected, which could’ve added a bit more depth to this. A-mazing overall is not that bad of a maze game for toddlers, and while the larger mazes can provide more of a challenge, the lack of anything else to do from point A to B can make the a-mazing mazes become repetitive down the maze.

In Icy Block Stacker, you need to try and stack as many blocks as you can before one (or a ton) fall into the freezing, icy waters of the south pole (which sounds like a good swim during all this heat). The “icy blocks” are really penguins shaped like boxes, although, if a penguin started to dance on you with it’s feet that’re happy after jumping out of the below zero temperature water, it would indeed feel like an icy block. Once you begin, the icy block will continue to move left and right, at the beginning, an ice block will be in the middle, and when you tap the touch screen, the icy block will drop, and once you make a successful landing, another icy block will appear, and you gotta try to keep stacking as many icy blocks until one (or again, a ton) fall into the icy waters. The higher you go, the more difficult it’ll be to keep stacking those icy blocks, so if you (or a toddler) like to play those games that involve stacking blocks, then this will keep you stacked for a while.


Happy Cat is a cat that’s happy, it’s so happy, it grew some wings and feels a bit flappy. Happy Cat must fly through a forest of trees for as long as those wings can flap (but really if Happy Cat hits one of the trees). Happy Cat will fly in the air when the touch screen is being held, and once let go, Happy Cat will fall descend, it’s ascend and descend speed is around, if not, the same speed, and it’s not that fast, so if you’re at the near bottom and the next opening is near the top, you might not have enough time to reach, resulting in a game over. The viewing distance feels like it’s sandwiched in between two slices of bread, with the right side displaying the score, best score and dat skunk logo in a black section, but that isn’t taking away from the viewing distance as the other half of the slice that blocks out the distance by covering the other half of the screen with this shade, and while a more experienced gamer can overcome this, it might be the stump in the road for toddlers. Happy Cat overall is probably the weakest in this collection, although diehard flappers can add it to their collection of “flappy” games, there’re other alternatives out there that offer a bit more flap then Happy Cat.


The final game here is Egg Hunt, where you must help the Easter Bunny collect the eggs that keep scattering everywhere whenever a stage is completed (an Easter bunny’s job is never done).To make the Easter Bunny go HOP! HOP! HOP! across the field, you must tap the touch screen on a location, and the Easter Bunny will hop wherever you tapped. When you tap on an egg, the Easter Bunny will pick up the egg, and then you tap the touch screen on the nest to make the Easter Bunny hop back to the nest with the egg, keep doing this with all the eggs in sight to clear a stage. If might seem like this is all Egg Hunt offers, but to increase the challenge, eventually, snakes will slitter near the nest, and they’ll try to chomp on the Easter Bunny, if they manage to do that three times, that’ll be it for the Easter Bunny, it’ll be to dizzy to continue, and would most likely be lunch for a hungry snake at this point. The snakes add some challenge to the mix, however, they can slitter too slowly, thus being hard to avoid if they’re near an egg or the nest, and with a time limit, it might be too much to handle, especially for a toddler. Egg Hunt is probably the lucky rabbit’s foot that’s in this collection of games for toddlers, as it offers some variety and challenge later into the rabbit hole, even if it the lucky rabbit’s foot is a bit dirty.


All and all, Games for Toddlers is an alright mix of games that toddlers can pick up and play. While the depth of these games might not be the deepest, for the target audience, it’ll probably keep them entertained for a bit while they are playing games on a Wii U, although, a lack of depth might make the games feel a bit repetitive for them in the long run.


I give Games for Toddlers a 5 out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $3.99

Memory used: 76 MB

Review code provided by: Skunk Software


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