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Gotta Protectors (3DS eshop)

Posted by Undead_terror on August 15, 2016 at 5:40 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Gotta Protectors, this action tower defense game was published by This game costs $12.99 US and needs 538 blocks to download.



Today we got a fine treat for you, do you like the retro 8 bit vibe? do you like destroying many monsters? heck do you like being creative? well then this game might just be for you!. Gotta Protectors, a game a lot like Dynasty Warriors but with 8 bit art style, more humor, and magic missiles, will have you playing and enjoying the game in no time.




To start off, the story of Gotta Protectors is simple, the kingdom of Magicadia used to be a symbol of peace, however evil happens and it must be stopped. The brave princess Lola wants in on the action and the Gotta Protectors will fight by her side to stop the evil and save the kingdom, you will embark on your quest, story stuff will happen, forth walls will be broken, monster will be slain, and the day will be saved!



This game does have some meat to it but grinding and replaying stages will also be a thing, to get the content out of the way, the game has 100 stages, 4 difficulty settings, 6 unique warrior classes that has their own fight style/stats/powers/etc. If this isn't enough, you can also go and make your own levels and share them via QR code (which can be shared on miiverse), you can store up to 100 levels on your 3DS, play with your friends locally, and the game also has DLC to it, so in the future we can expect to see DLC of some sorts.



Each character as said has their own fight style and such, the B button does their standard attacks, however you can customize the A/Y/X buttons to do other stuff, you can make it so a button can block/guard while another one builds/fixes barricades which helps block out monsters, or do a special attack, but special attacks do waste magic power from your character but not worries as you regain magic after time, and repairing barricades uses up gold in a level. There is also special abilities that will happen automatically like if you get hurt, these can help you greatly, and you can have more of them compared to the limited A/Y/X abilities.



As you progress you can upgrade your weapons and special attacks by going into the shop or dojo and sharing random items like food which is basically the currency in this game, however you do get gold in the game which upgrades the stores and such you can get stuff from. During levels you can find treasure chests that give you random items like food, after beating a level you can play this mini game wheel of chance to get a item or gold. You will need these items as said if you want to level up anything, and there is loads of items to get.



While playing a level, you start off near a castle in which you gotta defend, and princess Lola is there to, she will heal you if you take damage, just make sure no monster attack her, you can push her where ever you want to if that helps, you can make barricades or upgrade them to increase better protection, but it does take up some gold you carry with you in battle. During the battle you must defeat all monsters, but of course you might need to find keys to open paths and do other things to get to the monsters, you might even come across a treasure chest or two on the way.


The art style in this game as said is 8 bit, looks a lot like a NES game, and that's not all, but there is much retro charm to this game, like the digital cover art for this game looks like a actual game cover from so long ago, after beating a level you can see advertisements that look like they are from the 80's. While there is no 3D effect, the art and graphics in the game are good, and of course you even got retro style music that sounds good, this is some voice acting in the game, however it's not clear, it's basically like when voice clips started off in gaming, pretty static.



Now if I was to complain about anything, I might say that the game is a bit button mashy as your main attack is one button, but there is other attacks but they use up magic, sometimes Lola can be right in your way and you can start pushing her by accident. Other then that I got no issues with the game, well maybe besides the way the leveling sharing is, at least we got miiverse to share our codes instead of having to put our codes on the computer and share them online, imagine having to unscrew the back of your New 3DS each time to share a level, truly horrifying.



At the end of the day, Gotta Protectors is a fun game which will have lots of replay value, not only from being able to make and share levels, the grinding, being able to play with your friends, but the charm this game holds, it definitely is something for all retro game lovers to play and even new players to play alike!. This is definitely something to get, and if you see this on sale then you should definitely get it then!




Rating: 9/10





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