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Tachyon Project (Wii U)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on May 19, 2016 at 11:50 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to be controlling a ship that’s a software program to do battle, dual-stick shooter style, in Tachyon Project. As I just stated (sorta), this is a dual-stick shooter, with a setting taking place inside of the servers of the worldwide web, I’m gonna see if this project is worthy of the dual-stick shooter genre, or will scrap this entire project? Let’s dive right in!


The plot in Tachyon Project begins when a software program named Ada is fed with data, and “born” into a test server by hackers known as Helen and Halt. Ada was designed to hack into almost any server on the planet, wherever a server was present, Ada can fight her way through its protection to uncover the secrets hidden within. After a successful hack, Ada was traced back to the two hackers, and the police were soon knocking on their door. With no escape, they decided to save Ada by releasing her into the wild, the worldwide web of the internet. Now on her own, Ada must hack into other servers, to figure out why her “parents” were taken away, if they’re still alive, and to uncover the truth behind these events, which, can all unfold in the story mode, and once clearing the story mode, you’ll get a “plus”.


When Ada is in a server, she can move around freely and shoot in any direction at the same time. Enemy security bots will spawn across all around the playing field, and Ada must take them out, and if you keep taking them out within a period of time, your multiplier will go up. Each level will throw new security bots wave after wave, with some waves becoming a real challenge to clear, as it’s not always “take them all out” but sometimes to take out a certain enemy in a barrage of foes surrounding you, or to survive there onslaught for a certain amount of time. Ada’s “health” is not a standard bar or hearts, but inside of a time limit, which each hit Ada takes, it’ll reduce the time, and when your time is up, it’s game over, though thankfully, you can retry on the wave you’re currently on instead of starting the entire level over, but in doing so, your score will reset to zero. At the final wave of some levels, a boss fight can occur, and bosses can deal a great deal of damage to Ada if they make contact with her.


Ada starts off with basic weapons to fire of explode onto foes. As you complete levels and meet certain requirements, you’ll earn more firepower and secondary weapons to select from, as well as perks that can boost your status. Two perks and secondary weapons can be selected at the same time, secondary weapons can be assigned to the LZ & RL buttons, and you can even have both triggers have the same secondary weapon. Whenever a game over occurs, you can swap weapons and perks on the dial, and retry the wave that you were currently on.


The environments surrounding the action makes it look like what the future will be like if we could walk into the internet, via a virtual reality headset, or just plain walking into the internet with devices of the future. Neon of bright colors can be seen coming at ya in one level, while another level can be dark and gloomy, with darkness consuming most of the light, making it harder to see the red lights heading towards you. While it looks good, sometimes too much good can lead to some tiny slowdowns, but nothing major and doesn’t affect gameplay, though with some enemies, wrecking them can lead to a forced slowdown, which could ruin the flow of battle, but for me, I was able to carry on when it occurred. The soundtrack has a good techno rhythm that also heats up when it needs to be, with an electro popping up when you’re getting ambushed by random enemies that appear out of nowhere (or when the song just switches to a more action packed tune).


After clearing the 10 levels of story mode, you’ll be granted access to story mode+, which ups the difficulty and makes the game more of a challenge and can achieve any missed achievements that you might have missed the first time around. Speaking of challenges, there’s 10 challenged themed levels, which can vary depending on the challenge. Some challenges take place on normal levels, while others take place on stealth levels, some will require you to only use a certain weapon, while others go for the extreme, such as one hit and you’re dead. These challenges can prove to be tough, but you don’t have to do them alone, if you have up to three other players locally, they can each take control of an ada ship. To try and go the distance with these challenges, there’s an online leaderboard to see were you stack up with other players, as well as an option to see where players on your friends list are ranked, and the leaderboards also applies for levels for story mode as well.


All and all, Tachyon Project is a welcomed addition of dual-stick shooters to the eShop. It’s got plenty of rapid fast-paced challenge to keep you (and maybe some buds) satisfied, as well as reasons to keep trying to top your score. While there are some tiny bugs in this software, they’re easily overlooked and squished by the techno blasts that are firing thanks to the clicks of your controller.


I give Tachyon Project 8 Ada’s out of 10.

Cost on the eShop: $9.99

Memory Used: 274MB

Review code provided by: Eclipse Games


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