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SpaceRoads (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on May 12, 2016 at 11:25 PM

eShop guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to be driving on the road, except with a spaceship instead of a car. Now, this won’t be possible……on a normal road with cars, but It’ll be possible to drive on the road with a spaceship on a spaceroad however, in SpaceRoads. I’ll take the keys and rev up those engines to see if those roads in space are smooth to carpool in, or if nobody can hear you scream when we hit those space bumps, let’s drive into the space highway!


In SpaceRoads, you’re a pilot that has decided to race across the roads in space, and on planets in the fastest ship in the universe, the R-Series 1700F. Your ship is equipped with a jump-o-matic, which grants you the ability to jump, as well as a gravo-meter, which tells you the current gravity levels in the course. With those equipped gadgets in the spaceship, you must accelerate to pick up speed, as well as brake when needed to reach the end of the level by entering a small passageway, while avoiding running out of fuel, hitting an obstacle, or falling off course. It should be noted, that to take control of the R-Series 1700F, you’re going to need to use the gamepad, as it’s the only controller supported. The gamepad is used to touch on the bottom screen which level you want to go on, and that’s pretty much it, while the spaceship is in motion, the screen is blank, making the gamepad the only controller compatible a somewhat odd decision.


The space roads and planets you’ll be cursing on are all unlocked at the get go. Some of the courses will have you hopping from platform to other platforms, to courses that require you to reduce your speed, and then you gotta go fast to make a jump (whether you want to go fast or not). There’s certain platforms on courses that’ll either help you gain or lose fuel, bounce without pushing the jump-o-matic button, or just wreck your spaceship on the spot. Making jumps from platform to platform can be tricky at times, as you gotta go a certain miles per hour to be able to land on a platform, sometimes I went too far and missed the platform, while other times I just didn’t make the platform and turned into a fireball, and if you jump on a small platform and stop on the dial on it, making it to the other side will be unreachable, I couldn’t make the jump, and I couldn’t go in reverse to build up some more speed. Sometimes, I’ve had some issues with the jump-o-matic, at times, it caused me to go twice as high, which made me miss my target a couple of times, and the manual doesn’t state there’s a double jump option.


The tunes you’ll listen on the radio goes with the outer space roadway you’ll be figuring out how to go through without getting into a fender bender. There’s a couple of out of this world techno songs that play in a couple of courses, as well as songs with lyrics in them sung by guy and another by a woman, and it’s not just du-di-da’s in the lyrics, it might sound a bit out of place for this game, but it’s still nice to listen to. The environments look fine for the most part, with some having effects in them, but for the ones with more 3D models and other things going on in the environment, the framerate will drop and it’ll look and feel choppy. It’s still playable when this happens, but it’s a noticeable difference.

All and all, SpaceRoads is a road in space, while having some bumps on the road, it is a road I got enjoyment out of still despite the bumpy roads due to the scenery I drove by on that road. While some of the bumps were caused by some glitches and some control maneuvering issues, it’s a road I’ll take if the normal route is too much of a hassle due to traffic, or if I want to take the long way home.


I have SpaceRoads 6 roads in space out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $9.99

Memory Used: 692MB

Review code provided by: Wurd Industries


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