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Blockara (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on April 28, 2016 at 4:25 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to launch blocks at my opponent in a rock paper scissor style in Blockara. I’m not going to be launching blocks for no reason, oh no, I’m doing it for chance to make my wish be granted. Will I get my wish granted from a dragon on the 21st night of September, or will get my leg broken from alchemy skills from another alchemist? Let’s get ready, get steady, and go launch blocks!


The plot of Blockara is one that can take a looooooong time happen, but for logical reasons. This plot can take 12,000 years to happen, as a certain dragon with a name of a month, sleeps for 12,000 years. Once every 12,000 years passes by (time sure does fly when you’re beauty sleeping), the September dragon wakes up, and holds a tournament for alchemists that have their minds filled with one goal, to become the best of the best, and get their wish granted, whatever it may be, however, just because they reach the top, does not mean there’re other challenges they must face, even while in the process of getting their “goal” fulfilled.


To partake in a game of Blockara, you’re going to need to line up and launch elemental blocks that’re stronger against the opponent’s weaker blocks. I mentioned before it’s in a style like the main rules of rock paper scissor, though instead of launching jakens, you’re launching Fire, plant, and water blocks at your opponents. You and your opponents will be shifting rows and launching blocks at each other, and you must keep clearing a path that’ll expose their bottom section, and when you launch blocks at that opening and it’s successful, you’ll win the match with a knock out!


Training mode is the first mode you’ll most likely spend your first moments with the game, it’ll go over the basics, as well as offer opponentless block launching sparring. Story mode is where you’ll select one of many alchemists to become the world alchemist warrior, and help get their wish granted by the September dragon. Before Each match in story mode, there will be a quick conversation between the characters, keeping it short and simple like in the arcades. In Puzzle mode, you must clear puzzles with either limited shifts or launches, and with 32 puzzles, you’ll require some thinking to be involved with some of them. Endless mode will have you facing off with the CPU, until you eventually lose, to try and prevent this fate, after beating the CPU in a round, you can boost shields and purchase blocks that have been destroyed with money you have earned during matches. If you wanted to play a quick, causal game of Blockara, head over to quick play mode to be thrown into a match, though if you have another human (Fairy? Kangaroo? Zombie?) that’re fellow alchemists, you can duke it out in 2P versus, just make sure to scream in their ears to throw them off, so you can slam dunk the blocks into their hoop!


Blockara comes to life in its unique art style, it’s very colorful just looking at the character select screen. The color schemes are vast and bright with very clean lineart. The designs of the characters themselves are very creative and drip with personality which helps the characters pop while in battle. The characters make several different facial expressions while in battle to coincide with how the game is going. During story mode, along with other modes, the characters talk with voice acting. The voices themselves sound a tad cheesy and amateurish, but it goes along well with the style of the game and the general attitude of the not so serious gameplay.


All and all, to best describe Blockara, it feels like a mixture of Puzzle League and Mr. Driller, and if you’re a fan of either of those games (for me it would be Mr. Driller), then there’s plenty for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for a puzzle game that’s quick and easy for you to pick up and play with friends, along with some challenging elements thrown in the mix, then Blockara is a game that’ll rev up the inner puzzle alchemist in you, and would be worth it to play 12,000 years from now.


I give this game 8 elemental blocks out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $6.99

Memory Used: 408 MB

Review code provided by: Haunted Bees


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