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Witch & Hero 2

Posted by Undead_terror on April 27, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Witch & Hero 2 for the 3DS, this game is a action adventure game developed by Flyhigh Works and published by CIRCLE Entertainment. This game costs $3.99 US and needs 821 blocks to download.



After 3 years since the first game in the series release, Witch & Hero 2 continues the story of the first game, the witch & hero in the first game has been captured by the Demon Lord, a new young witch & hero must set out on a adventure to rescue the original witch & hero, defeat the Demon Lord and bring peace to the lands. A simple story, the main focus isn't about the story but the gameplay, let's talk more about that.

(Images of the Japanese version used, sorry bout that)



Gameplay is simple to understand, you play as a hero who needs to defend a witch who you can consider a tower like in a tower defense game, you move the hero around with the circle pad and that's all! just bump into enemies to damage to each other, go on the back of a enemy to deal more damage. The witch can now move around unlike the first game making it easier to survive but you must keep a eye out for here, for here you can use either the face buttons or the circle pad pro for better movement!. You must collect blood as the hero or witch (2 separate meters to hold blood for the witch) from enemies to give to the witch so she can do magic attacks that attack at far range, there is 4 different kinds of magic attacks for her to use in the game but 2 to unlock. It's alright for the hero to get knocked out as he can revive, but if the witch gets knocked out it's over, so if the hero gets knocked out then use the circle pad to revive quicker or have the witch near by to help heal him.



With the basic character gameplay out of the way, there is more to know on what to do, after beating levels you can get XP to level up and get money to increase the power of the knights attack/defense/speed, and you can upgrade the witches magic. The game requires some grinding to get a better characters because it would be hard to beat levels one after another so grinding to make better characters always help. Later in the game you unlock new skills and power ups like the holy power to make your characters have stronger attacks for a limited time or to use enemy magic as your own.



The art style in the game is all pixel art, while the characters look like 8 bit sprites, the backgrounds is all 16 sprites, looks like backgrounds made in RPG maker so it might look a little out of place, there is no 3D effect in this game. The music in the game is pretty much classic NES like music which rather sounds nice, all sounds and such sound good for the game.



Does the game have any extras? well there is 30 levels to beat, there is a advanced mode, there is a endless wave mode and lastly a time trials mode, there is even a collection to show off all the monsters in the game and show how many of each you killed, each monster to view must need a key to unlock by playing the game. The game got a nice bit of replayability and even I will be going back to play some more of this game after this review!.



At the end of the day, Witch & Hero is a unique game, as you get farther in the game it gets more fun, everything looks and sounds pretty, there is replayability, if you are looking for a story then don't expect much from this game, but if you are looking for a game with grinding then this should be a little treat! it's something to try out for sure.



Rating: 7/10






Review code given by CIRCLE Entertainment.

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