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Doll Fashion Atelier (3DS eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on April 18, 2016 at 9:15 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I’m going to dress up some dolls in Doll Fashion Atelier. As the name suggests, this is a doll dressing up simulator, where you can dress up dolls. I’ll be seeing if the dolls fashion comes out correctly, or will become a doll I somehow lost for many years, only to find it years later, and forgot how that even got there, let’s dress up this review!


To start off, you’re going to need to choose a doll, but it’s not a blank doll you’re given, instead, you have five different styles to choose from. Pretty has the more cute and adorable styles, Gothic has more of the darker, shady designs, Victorian has clothing based around when the times were more.....Victorian, Princess should be obvious if you've seen some Disney movies with princesses in them, and last we have the classic looking oldies but goodies looking antique style. Selecting one will determine the doll’s starting look, as well as the outfits, hair, and other accessories you can use for your doll, they will be female dolls, as there is no option for a male doll. While each style has a good amount of options in them, if there was a hairstyle from gothic that you wished to use on a doll that was wearing a princess dress, you cannot do that, there is no mixing and matching other styles, which limited some options I had in mind. You can change the color for hairstyles and clothing, but it doesn’t cover all the main colors, just the ones you would see on the rainbow (minus orange). If there was a hairstyle that I wanted to be in black, and the starting color for it was pink, I couldn’t change it to black, I had to either pick a different hairstyle that was in black, or just make it a different color.


After creating a doll that’s dressed up and saved (if you wanted to save it), you can then decorate it. You can add in dolls that you saved (or if you made a doll just for this one time, you can use them, however they won’t be saved), frames that can hang out around the edges, but if the frames are hanging around the outside, then that means on the inside, you’re going to need a background, which you can either choose from different designs, or even take a picture and use for the background. There’s also an option called doodle, where you can stick a bunch of stickers everywhere, as well as turn them at a 90 degree angle, but there’s no option to flip them to face in the opposite direction. Also in doodle, you can draw over everything with the pencil option a.k.a. doodling. While there’s more color options in here then when changing colors on the clothing and hair, yellow is oddly enough missing, despite being in the other color option. You’ll have 8 layers at your side, a doll, background, frame and doodle each take up a layer, if you wanted to try and get more dolls in to have more layers for doodle, you can make it overlap with a doodle and be in the same layer as it, meaning if you move a doodle, it’ll also move the doll.


After doing all of that, that’s pretty much all this game has to offer. You can save your creations to the SD card and put them on a computer, or share them on Miiverse so you can have the screenshot ready to share (It should be noted, that if you take a picture and use it as the background, you cannot upload it to Miiverse due to the picture becoming blank when pressing the home menu button), but after a while, it can get repetitive, and this is due to the limited options when dressing up your doll.


All and all, Doll Fashion Atelier could satisfy the little ones if they’re into dolls, and would like to dress up a doll on the go or virtually. While they can get some enjoyment out of it from it's colorful layout and sprakles, an adult such as myself, can try and look into this if we had dolls in the past, or are still into doll collection, but it’s the limitations that we’ll see that’ll make us lose interest, and once the little ones have had enough of this fashion, they’ll most likely lose interest, and would want to move on to something else.


I give this game 4 dolls out of 10

Cost on the eShop: $4.99

Memory Used: 1,295 blocks

Review code provided by: Teyon


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