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Gunslugs 2 (3DS ware)

Posted by Undead_terror on October 30, 2015 at 2:55 AM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Gunslugs 2 on the 3DS, this game is a action platform shooter that was developed by Orangepixel and published by Enginesoftware. This game costs $4.99 US and needs 176 blocks to download.



After being released on steam and mobile devices, Gunslugs 2 was released on the 3DS eshop for both NA and EU on October 22 2015, while the first game is not on the eshop, we are not missing much apparently besides a little bit of story. The story is that the Black Duck Army was wanting to cause havoc and the Gunslugs foiled their plans, they are now back again in the second game, wanting to take over the galaxy, the Gunslugs are back to stop them once again, basic story. Throughout the game there will be some dialog to advance the plot and such, but the game is not story heavy so you can pretty much just get into the game right away and shoot all the bad guys you want!.



Well if you didn't know by now, this game based on 80's action movies is about you going throughout levels trying to kill as much enemies and bosses as you can, however that's not just all, in each level (besides the world boss) you must destroy towers that send out signals by going inside and detonating a bomb inside and then get to the helicopter to finish the level. There is seven worlds and eight levels per world, and to add to the variety each level is randomly generated so no two levels are alike. There is a handful of characters to play as based on classic 80's stars like Rambo and Mr. T, each starting out with their own personal gun, you can select them before starting the game or rescue them from being trapped during a level.



The game has different weapons to pick up during a level to help you, when firing your weapon you got to be careful about not trying to waste all ammo, however you can pick up ammo up from killing and destroying things. Of course you can get med kits to help give you more health, you can also get money!, you can pick up money and buy different kinds of items in the store to help you out during a level, however there is only one item in the shop at a time so it's buy or save up!. During levels you can kill enemies riding different things and ride them yourself, however they break a bit afterwards leaving you to walk on foot again.


After getting use to the different enemies and hazards, you can try out daily challenges which gives you a new challenge each day, or try your luck in arcade mode (unlocks when you reach world three) to get a highscore with only one life by starting at the beginning of the game. While both add replay value, there is no online leaderboards to compete in


The controls in the game is really good, you no delay or anything so that's something you don't have to worry about. The art in the game as you can tell is pixel art, the areas/items/hazards/vehicles/bosses look good, however the characters you play as and human enemies don't look all that great as they are very small and square looking, other then that the 3D effect is great. The music in the game is nice to play to and the sound effects sound good as well, no voice acting for any dialog so if you wanted that then you would be disappointed, but it's not needed.


Now some beef with the game, the game has a nice few bugs in it from glitchs to slow down, there is nothing game breaking I know of, however some glitches can be strange or annoying. A couple examples of glitches is hold the jump button by the setup room door and you will float in air, if you are riding something and try to jump into the helicopter to leave the level, you jump back into the vehicle and the heli leaves without you, there is can be flickering sprites at time and invisible platforms. Now something that isn't a glitch but don't make sense is that if you pause and press pause again during a level, you are booted out into the main hub which means you will have to redo the whole level again, one other thing I would complain is the gameplay can be too fast for it's own good at times, at first it was too fast, then I went on the eshop again to repair the download which made it a bit slower thankfully.


 At the end of the day, I feel that Gunslugs 2 feels like a ok game, in my opinion it's something to play in short bursts, at most times it's spray and pray so you don't die and make it through the end of the level. It's a nice looking game for the most part however it's not really polished from bugs, there is replay value to the game for those who want to keep playing the game



Rating: 6/10


Posted by Gioku on November 7, 2015 at 6:57 PM


This is Gioku with our second review of Gunslugs 2.

Gunlugs 2 is a very fast game. That is the main point about this game: it's fast. So fast, it's probably a bit too fast. But besides that, what kind of game is this? Well, it's a game about, running, and shooting, and more running, and more shooting, and occasionally jumping into vehicles and running over things and shooting. Not a bad idea for a game, at the least; however it is hindered in some areas and falls prey to the flaw of not being very interesting.

Visually, it does quite well; the pixelart style is quite nice, though I was unable to appreciate it as well as I might have due to the breakneck speed, you hardly have time to pay attention to the scenery, and I never learned the character's names because they only appeared on-screen for what seemed like half a microsecond. The 3D is also so deep as to be eye straining, so if you play in 3D, save yourself the pain and do not turn it all the way up.

The game is rather short, it only took me about three hours to complete, though it did manage to keep me hooked with its mindless action! There were a few things that made it a bit less interesting, such as there is a wide variety of weapons, but there's only two that are worth using. There's also some glitches, and slowdown when a lot of sprites appear on screen at once (and even some sprites disappear), which is ridiculous to see on a modern 3DS game, this is the kind of thing you'd expect on the NES, issues like this should have been long since fixed. The pause menu situation was also very frustrating and unfathomably designed, to exit the pause menu, you have to press X, the usual candidates for pause menu exiting, Start or B, exit to the main menu, so I had to fight my instincts to press either of those buttons every time I paused if I didn't wanna lose my progress. That one, I'd say, is by far the game's biggest flaw.

But, as mentioned, though it has its many, various flaws, it did manage to keep me interested until the end. After that, there's not much more to do, though. There's a "daily challenge", which is a random short level that appears for the day, which provides absolutely no reward when completed. There's also an arcade mode, where you get one life to play through the whole game. With the tendency to lose lives about once every ten seconds, good luck getting through that! And, for the story mode, there is no level selection. So there's really nothing worthwhile to come back to.

So, all in all, this is a very fast action game with some fun little references throughout and a myraid of little flaws, that build up into taking away quite a bit from the overall experience. All things considered, I'll give this game a 5/10. Get it if you're in the mood for a short, action-packed romp, though be ready for some little issues throughout.

Rating: 5/10


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