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Zombie Defense

Posted by Metrolink on September 13, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Zombie defense is developed and produced by Teyon, it’s 370 MB and it cost €7,99. Like the name implies it’s a tower defense like game where you can move your “towers” or in this case the humans around on the map depending on where you need them to be, and the zombies come in waves like you expect in a tower defense game.


In my eyes the “moveable turrets” is a great idea and a nice twist from what you expect to happen in a tower defense game, and to be honest this game spices the genre up by introducing elements from the RPG genre like a skill tree and a story. The concept also makes fully sense because it’s humans surviving and walking around to survive the longest, which I can’t really imagine working in another settings than this one right here. The skill tree let’s you make more upgrade on your character and the slot they’re on and if you fail you can grind an earlier level pay for another point in the skill tree and try again. Zombie defense has so much customizable options in the skill tree that the replay ability is through the roof on this one! You really just have to try your way to what skill points fit your play style in the game and no review will tell you how you should play this game. It’s simply too many options for you to test out that it can happen.


As I mentioned over the game use humans as turrets and has everything in the middle crystal clear while on the edges of the screen it’s all blurry, but it seems that this is intentional and not a graphical limitation because they want you to focus on the middle of the screen and not on everything that’s happening. Why they include this special camera effect is unknown but it surely makes it stand out as a game. It use a very realistic art style which fits with the zombie apocalypse theme they were going for.


Unfortunately the story or the music doesn’t stand as much as everything else in the game, the story is simply “you’re a group of soldiers on a mission to extinct zombies” and while the music makes it feel that way and the two synergize well with each other it’s just not as creative or innovative as the other parts of the game. I feel like it’s “just there” to be there and not much else.



All in all it’s a very good game with a lot of twists to the genre and I really like what they did to bring something new to the TD genre but the music and story, which are just text boxes in the beginning of each mission, just feels out of place and feels like it’s just put there to be there and not done somethings with it.

I give it a 9/10. It's a great buy and even though the music and story isn't new and innovative it's still a really really good game that deserves to be praised for what it's accomplishing in the genre


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