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Gunman Clive HD Collection (Wii U)

Posted by Undead_terror on September 4, 2015 at 6:40 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Gunman Clive HD Collection for the Wii U, Gunman Clive is a action platformer. The game is developed by Bertil Hörberg and is published by Horberg Productions, the game costs $3.99 NA and needs 115 MB to download.



A couple years ago, we were given a unique and charming game on the Nintendo 3DS called Gunman Clive, it was out on other platforms however most of it's success came from the good o'l 3DS. The game was similar to that of Mega Man, you go through out a level trying to reach a end while shooting at baddies, the game was short however every moment of it was great as the game was pure art in every way!. Almost a couple years afterwards we got a sequel that was exclusive to the 3DS, bringing back more charm and rememberable things, it lasted longer and added new things, now we get both games in HD that is put into one package on the Wii U.



The story of Gunman Clive is that in the year 18XX, bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnson's daughter and are causing havoc everywhere, so Gunman Clive went to save Ms Johnson and stop the bandits. The second game continues the story in which Gunman Clive must stop the bandits once and for all by taking out the leader, he does a lot more traveling in this game so there is a lot more environments. The games also have different characters with their own abilities so the story and levels are slightly altered for each, also a character from Gunman Clive 2 that wasn't in the original is now in the first game only in this HD collection so it adds a slighty different story and more gameplay.



The gameplay should be easy to understand, you move left and right, jumping and shooting, trying to reach the end of a level, you can pick up different guns to have different kinds of bullets, eat some cake to heal while you face all sorts of different obstacles and enemies. It's not always running left and right throughout the entire game, there is different kinds of levels to spice things up like riding minecarts similar to Donkey Kong Country and flying stages similar to Star Fox/Lylat Wars. There will be some sort of puzzle and boss around the corner which makes the game more challenging, however once you figure it all out you should be good to go!.


The art style is what makes the game so unique and stand out from the rest of the game, it's truly a lovely looking game as it all looks drawn, the game is in 3D and has animated drawn like textures to make it look like the game was made on a notebook and you flip through the pages quickly for a little animation. The music in the game is also very good, really fits the mood and is charming it's self, you might even want to listen to it outside of the game! They sure put in a lot of effort to make the game look/sound/feel good, pretty high quality all around.


Now is there any extras?...well two games with multiple characters and difficult settings will keep you busy for a while but you can try to go for the no damage challenge and get a quick time which will surely be challenging and keep you playing for longer, however other then that the game has nothing else to offer


At the end of the day, Gunman Clive HD Collection is a fantastic collect of two games, both are very well made and very enjoyable games, it will keep you busy for a while with having to beat both games with different characters and difficult settings, everything feels good, everything looks good and everything sounds good, for $4, this is a must get for any platform lover or any Mega Man lover, trying to get into the genre? why not try this out! it will be a experience.


Rating: 9/10



Review code given by Bertil Hörberg.

Guru Morpheel here to talk about the Gunman Clive HD Collection.

Chances are you've already heard of Gunman Clive, his two games came out on the 3DS quite a while ago and were both pretty well received. They're retro-inspired platformers, the levels are short but generally are difficult enought to take several tries to beat.

Both games feature the same four playable characters that play considerably different from each other. Clive and Ms. Johnson, the original two playable characters, play pretty similarly; both can use guns to defend themselves and can collect other guns with different properties as power ups, the one difference is that Ms. Johnson can slow down her falling speed by holding the jump button, making the platforming a bit easier. Chieftain Bob was created for the second game but he's available for both games in this collection, he's unique in the sense that he can't use ranged attacks- instead he pokes enemies with his lance, which is bastly stronger than the basic gun. The fourth character must be unlocked for each game, let's just say it offers an extra level of challenge to the games.

In Gunman Clive 1, either Ms. Johnson or Clive himself (depending on who you're playing as) is kidnapped by a mysterious gang and you must go through the 20 levels of the game to save them. As you will tell, the game goes for a really distinctive art style, everything looks like a drawing and very few things have color, it looks really great on the WiiU. As I mentioned earlier, the levels are very short, most of them taking only one or two minutes to beat, which in turn means the game is extremely short over-all. The game tries to compensate by making the levels hard to go though; they're more like obstacle courses you need to play several times to learn the obstacles. It can get really frustrating in some of the later levels, but it's usually very manageable.

Gunman Clive 2 shakes things up in several ways. The platforming is mostly unchanged, but you'll instantly notice that the game is much more colorful and flashy. While the first game keeps things relatively normal for most of the game, the sequel goes outlandish almost instantly: your hometown is destroyed by a giant mechanical spider and its army, and you chase after it to get revenge. The story takes Clive (or whoever you're playing as) around the whole planet in his search for the culprit. Most of the 25 levels are standard platforming, like in the first game, but every now and then you're faced with something completely different like flying sequences, or panda riding. This one is mostly about as hard as the first game, however I found some levels (like the panda one I mentioned) to be a little bit too frustrating. I failed, the level restarted, I failed again, repeat. Instead of feeling accomplished for beating them, I was simply happy that the experience was over.

Both games offer different difficulty levels, combined with the different characters available you can make the experience easier or really hard. In addition to that, the game keeps track of your best times for each level and the whole game, and you can get markers on each level for getting really good times or beating them without taking damage. Those little details add some replayabilty for those who like to experience their games to their fullest. Being really short, it's also pretty easy to get lost playing "just another level", and before you know it, you beat the game again.

While I found a few frustrating moments here and there, the games included in this collection are pretty solid over-all. They're short and mostly pretty entertaining to play and replay, and they look and sound great too.

I give it 8 ducks out of 10.

Review copy provided by the publisher.

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