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Cube Creator 3D (3DS ware)

Posted by Undead_terror on May 3, 2015 at 7:10 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Cube Creator 3D, Cube Creator 3D is a action adventure sandbox game, it was developed and published by Big John Games. Cube Creator 3D costs $4.99 for a limited time, after this discount it will be priced at $7.99, it needs 227 blocks to download.


Minecraft is a big game that is adored by many, it can be fun in many ways and can make people creative in different ways, big games usually will have many other smaller games that were inspired by it, some can be made poorly for a quick buck and others not so much. Cube Creator 3D was made to fill in the empty spot of Minecraft not being on a Nintendo system, with the game playing like Minecraft and having some original aspects, it can bring wonders to fans!. The game isn't perfect but with dedication it can grow to be a bigger game, don't get me wrong it's a fun game, however I will have to explain.


There is two modes in Cube Creator 3D much like Minecraft, there is survival mode in which you must get resources to make things and to stay alive, the other mode which is called creative is a more relaxed experience in which you can't die and you can do whatever you want with endless blocks at your disposal. These modes are solo only at the time being unless there is a update to add multiplayer, so unless you don't mind playing Minecraft by yourself then this might not be for you.


Survival is pretty basic, you go around getting blocks of resources like in Minecraft like wood, ore, clay, etc! you can craft stuff to help you on your adventure like swords, pick axes, armor to help you fight off beasts that want to harm you, easier way to get more resources and even stuff to make a home. While that is all fine and dandy, there isn't a whole lot of things to make, there really isn't much stuff to decorate the environments with, a good and bad thing is that some items are stuck with you, like furnaces and sleeping bags which you can't put down, also being able to hold 999 of each block is rather strange, this is when chests would be fix the issue.


There may not be much stuff however there is at least a few original items which you will find out along with original beasts not featured in Minecraft which is pretty nice, a certain thing allows you to explore different lands which is nice so you can do more exploring, other then that survival mode is ok. Creative mode only offers different kinds of blocks so you can make stuff, you can select which kind of land you can create things is, there is also two lands in creative that is not in survival which is flat and demo which is pre made building and such.


A issue I have is that the lands are not too big, they are a ok size however you can keep running into the invisible wall that has no existence beyond it, but it is understandable. Another Issue I have is that lag can happen in gameplay, many times when trying to get resources and remove blocks the framerate will drop and such, but this occurs mostly when you remove a lot of blocks at once, however sometimes when looking around you can look around slower then other times which is strange.


As for other good things the controls feel good and are customizable, you can even use a second circle pad! playing a Minecraft like game on the 3DS/N3DS is rather good!. The music in the game is really nice to listen to and other sounds seems pretty good, as for graphics, it looks really well and all creatures/items are look realistic instead of being boxes/sprites, the 3D effect is also good.


At the end of the day, Cube Creator 3D is a fun little game that Minecraft fans should enjoy and any casual players, it is nowhere near as big as Minecraft but should help with some cravings that will last a nice few hours, it would be nice to see updates that include local and online multiplayer, more items and anything else that can be thought of, but at the current price of $5 it isn't bad, would recommend getting it before the price rises.


Rating: 7/10


Review code given by Big John Games.

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