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Proun+ (3DS eShop)

Posted by Undead_terror on March 11, 2015 at 11:35 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Proun+ for the 3DS eShop, it's a arcade racing game developed and published by Engine Software, it costs $5.99/ £5.39/€5.99 and needs 1,815 blocks to download.


What happens when you mix F-zero, modern art, balls and drugs? you might have a rememberable experience that could make someone insane, however if you add video games to the mix, you might get Proun+!. Proun+ is about a ball that rolls around on a rail around courses that are nothing but modern art!, it brings a unique charm to runner games, it's pretty to look at and is challenging, now to get into the game.


To start things off you got five different speeds which are Relaxed, Fast, Sonic, Super Sonic, and Speed of Light, the first two speeds are already unlocked while the rest need to be unlocked. If you can handle the speed there is eleven different levels featuring different kinds of art, four different game modes, and many stars you need to earn by being good in the game. The game modes in the game is Race in which you got to race against other balls, Points is the mode that you must earn as much points and multipliers as possible by touch point panels. Endless which you try to go as far as you can without hitting anything and finally time trials is when you race for the fastest time.


The strange thing about the game is that you can't select any level with a certain game mode, you must beat other specifically certain levels that are fused with a certain game mode before unlocking more specific levels, it's a lot like missions. If beating a mission isn't enough, you can try to go for a three star rating and try to make a good score that you can post on the online leaderboards, however you are gonna need to practice a lot to get perfect with the game since there is a lot of trial and error.


Now on to the gameplay, as said you are a ball on a rail going throughout a course, you can rotate left and right around the whole rail so you can avoid walls and other objects, you can slow down with the B button, use a boost with the X button (boosts are gotten by not hitting anything for a while), or accelerate with the A button (you can turn on auto accelerate so you don't have to hold A). Other then that there really isn't much to say about gameplay other then the fact that there is no items.


The design of the game is really neat, as said the courses are designed to look like modern art so it's going to look neat, however the sharpness of the graphics isn't the best, a lot of edges of things seem pixelated, even some actual picture art in the game seems to be a bit pixelated here and there. Another thing which isn't too bad I guess is that some of the path ahead of you at times seem blurry and then actually load to look like what it's suppose to be.


Lastly about the graphics is that the 3D effect is good and can help you in times when you need to know the depth of something. The music in the game is very good, the developers got jazz-rock music made for Proun+ which is great on the ears, other then that the audio in the game is great, however sometimes if the ball grinding against a wall it makes a crack sound which almost makes you think that your speakers got something wrong with them.


The game does have leaderboards as said but it's disappointing that the game has racing with AI's but not with other people, multiplayer would of been great for the game. The game has replayability if you want to get three star ratings on every mission and a good highscore, but it get's repetitive soon enough.


At the end of the day Proun+ is a ok game, it's unique with it's style however it could of been improved in some spots, if you like runner games then it's alright to pick this up, however maybe waiting for a sale would be a wise choice, a recommendation I would give is to look into one of the SpeedX games on the eShop.


Rating: 6/10


Review copy given by Engine Software

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