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GravBlocks+ (Wii U eShop)

Posted by SheldonRandoms on March 2, 2015 at 11:55 PM

eShop Guru SheldonRandoms here, and today, I was abducted by aliens, and have played and must review their galactic puzzle game, GravBlocks+. Will this game make me feel happy and brighter than a hot sun, or will I be screaming angrily in space, where no one can even hear me……….Let’s find out!


GravBlocks+ is one of those match-three puzzle games, but to really make it out of this world, you can change the gravity on the playing field, so what you thought was a block falling downwards , can be a block falling from the sides and even up the next. You mustn’t let the blocks stack up and reach the “top” for so long, cause that’ll lead you to a gameover. To prevent this from happening, you gotta match three or more of the same colored blocks to clear them and get points. Other blocks exist then the single colored ones, such as the rainbow wild block, which acts as a substitute for a single colored block, and when used, it’ll create a rainbow barrier around the destruction hazards for a short while. The bomb blocks, when matched with two other same colored blocks, will clear the entire playing field of that color block. And lastly we have the gravity blocks, which will change gravity in an instant, depending on the arrow on said gravity block (and all arrows must be facing the same way, or else it won’t change gravity at all). The gravity blocks will also increase your multiplier, but if you knock a block into a destruction hazard, then it’ll reset back to one.


There are five different game modes, but you only start with story mode, and must unlock the others. Each mode you unlock will offer a different gameplay experience. First is off is story mode, where you will play many different levels that’ll require you to do a certain amount of tasks before moving on to the next level. The tasks will get harder as you keep playing, but while clearing more and more levels, the tasks kept feeling a bit similar from previous levels, making some levels feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. As you move on, you will learn the reason as to why you were abducted by these aliens. Next is challenge mode, where you must clear blocks and keep going for as long as you can, all while trying to get a high score. After that is puzzle mode, which will require you to clear all the blocks in a certain amount of moves (even a big stack of blocks can be cleared with a single move). Following that is destruction mode, where you must destroy blocks with the destruction hazards, and clear the entire playing field of blocks as fast as you can. Lastly, there’s Zen mode, where the difficulty stays the same, and you can continue playing to your hearts content.

To move around and clear puzzles, you have two options. The first option is the left analong stick/d-pad controls, which in game, will be represented by a rectangle reticle with a line in the middle, where you can swap two blocks with each other in the reticle by using the A/ZL/ZR buttons. The other option is the touch screen, where you can touch a block, and a red square will go around it, then, you can swap that block with another block. A bit of warning, if you swipe too fast on the touch screen, then you might lose control of the block you were moving. The right analong stick will make the reticle go to a corner in the direction you moved it, which is great if you need to get to a part of the playing field quickly. If you’re waiting for more blocks to appear, then press the Y button to make the blocks fall down faster. And useful for lefties using the touchscreen controls, you can switch handedness for the touchscreen by pressing the minus button.

Presentation wise, this is where the game lacks a bit. The backgrounds just feel plain and a bit uninspired, so much so that I sometimes felt a little board looking at them. The alien doesn’t really do much at first, just roaming around. It doesn’t make noise to when you get a big combo, or even laugh in your face when you fail, he stomps on the ground when you clear a puzzle, though you might not even notice, because the alien can do it quickly once, then stops. The music has this sci-fi, alien like tune to it, which definitely goes well with the games setting, but it can get a bit repetitive.

To keep you coming back for more even more, there’s accomplishments you can unblock. When you unblock five accomplishments, you’ll unlock different block styles and different background styles, which can help make the game look different each time you play. There are 80 in total, and some can be a challenging to accomplish, so good luck unblocking them all!

All and all, Gravblocks+ is indeed another one of those match three puzzle games, but it’s gravity mechanic is something that’ll pull you right in, especially if you enjoy these types of games with jewels and candy. While it’s personation falls a bit short in places, it still delivers for what it is. While 5 dollars may seem like a lot for this type of game to some people who play these games for “free”, it’s got no microtransactions, so the price is totally worth getting abducted for.


I give this game an outta this world 7/10

Cost on the eShop: $4.99

Memory used: 259MB

Download code provided by: From Nothing Game Studios


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