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Adventure Bar Story (3DS eshop)

Posted by Undead_terror on March 2, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Adventure Bar Story for the 3DS, previously released on mobile devices this is a RPG that is developed by Rideon and published by CIRCLE Entertainment for the 3DS release, it costs $5.99 US and needs 886 blocks to download.


Adventure Bar Story....Adventure Bar Story!, sounds like something that was made on the spot that would be used for a mediocre game, however if you let that slide you will be in for surprise of how neat this game is, while acting like a old RPG or a game from RPG maker, this game adds a twist to the old formula and what a tasty idea this is, it revolves around food!, food plays a big part of this game and I will explain down below.


The story of this game is that you play as a girl named Siela who helps run a bar in a kingdom, the bar is not doing so well and a rich bar owner name Gustav is trying to buy the bar so he can expand his own business, however you must stop him buying making your own bar more popular, you must make all sorts of food to sell and enter cooking contests so the bar gets better reputation. You must go throughout the land with your party and get all sorts of ingredients to make many tasty dishes, however beasts and monsters lurk in the lands, will you get back safely?


To get one thing out of the way, yes this plays like any old RPG so if you know how to play those then you should know how to play this mostly, you explore all around, encounter monsters randomly, select your party, change equipment, tell which character what to do, run away like a coward if you got to, it's simple. Now for the twist, throughtout the areas you explore you will find food all around on the ground or from creatures, if you don't mind dirt or insects on that pork that's on the ground over there then it's ok, you must pick up every kind of food to bring back to the bar.


Killing monsters or beasts don't level you up but instead gives you skill points to learn new moves and such, you will find fantasy monsters like blob's and you will find real creatures like mice and bald eagles, so if you got a grudge against endangered species like bald eagles then you can kill them whatever way you want...jerk. How do you level up you say? well you must eat the dishes you make to level up! not only do you need food to keep the bar alive but you need to eat food to level up your party, different foods will raise different stats, now you really got to not mind that moldy milk that's been out in the open field for quite some time or that half eaten apple that dropped from that mouse corpse.


Once you got some food you can begin to make some dishes, you don't have much to work with at the start, you will have to get more food the next time and need to buy tools once you got the money to purchase them, you can make some stuff from a recipe book to sell, however you can make unknown recipes which is called "own creation", with a bit over 400 recipes in the game to make you can't make too much mistakes because if you make a dish that isn't in the game then it would say that it's a failure and you will loose food (it's similar to Monster Hunters combine system) much for that eggplant crab and yogurt deluxe pizza that I had thought in my mind.


Once you finished making enough food that you think is enough to make some profit from you can open your bar to sell the dishes, once you open the bar the food will be sold and then you will move on to the next day. The game has months and days in it which can keep track of events and such, each day it would be wise to go out into the land again just to get more food so you can make more dishes to sell and or to rank up, as you progress in making your bar popular it will go up the ranks!, you will unlock more areas and such which gives you more access to different foods, monsters and more endangered species that you can punch in the face.


The game will require lots of grinding to get lots of food to sell, rank up and such which is to be expected since most RPG's are like that, the bar part makes grinding longer since once you go back into town from adventuring you must make food to sell so the day can end, can't just keep going back out. Wither it's a blessing or a curse, the game is not a rouge RPG so you can make a quick grinding strategy without having to worry about random generating areas.


The graphics in the game is really nice, it's nicely done sprite work for the most part with some anime drawings here and there for cut scenes and character profiles, no 3D effect though however it really isn't necessary, the music is also very nice to listen to, I got no problem with how the game plays or works, if I had to complain about something it would probably be the lack of animation for some things but it's no biggie.


At the end of the day, Adventure Bar Story is a unique RPG, RPG fans should be pleased with this game and should have fun with the food function of the game, if you are expecting a big story you might be disappointed but to have something that plays like a old RPG should be a treat, I give a pat on the back for creating a new way of playing a RPG.


Rating: 8/10


Review code given by CIRCLE Entertainment

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