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Undead Storm Nightmare (3DS eShop)

Posted by Undead_terror on January 31, 2015 at 10:45 PM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Undead Storm Nightmare for the 3DS eShop, it's a overhead shooter that was published by G-STYLE, it costs $4.99 US and needs 348 blocks to download.


Nightmare is a sequel to the 2012 DSi ware game "Undead Storm", the story of the game was that Six months after a mysterious meteorite strike, corpses came back to life and people got infected creating more zombies, Nightmare takes place a few years after the first game, it is uncertain if the main characters from the first game survived or not, now we play over a nameless girl with no story as she tries to survive the apocalypse.


This game is a rather big change to the original, in the original you and 3 other characters must survive a certain amount of waves on a map, there was 3 maps and 3 difficulties, there was always a certain boss at the end of a certain map, now it's only you and you must reach the end of a level, each mission has a different amount levels, any boss, and there are plenty of missions with different difficulty settings.


To begin cutting deeper into the game, the controls for the most part are the same as the original game, L & R changes your aiming angle which sounds strange but it actually isn't bad, Y is the attack button which shoots your gun or use any other weapon, B reloads, A uses a healing item, and X revives people but can only be used in multiplayer. which is only local Other then that you move with the circle pad this time around while the D-pad select different weapons, you can also use the touch screen to change your weapon which is a bit quicker.


With that out of the way your main goal of the game is to get as much survival coins and raw materials as possible, survival coins buys missions and buys items/upgrades, raw materials helps upgrade weapons like in Dead Island, you must grind a lot in the game to move forward which can get a bit boring after a while because you will need to do the same missions over and over again to get coins and raw materials. Different missions have different amounts of survival coins in them so it would be wise to choose a good mission that gives you a lot of coins if you need it, however different missions give you different kinds of raw materials so you will need to play different missions to get different stuff.


Once you are good on coins and materials you can then go and buy certain items that will help you fight the hordes, there are different classes of items, you got normal weapons, heavy weapons, melee weapons, bombs and then different kinds of items to help you out like armor or increase of health. You can carry up to 4 things at once and you can use any combo that you desire, you can make 5 different sets so it's quicker to equip what you want to help out like you could have a set that is heavy is weaponry, support, or just normal class.


Once the going gets tough you can upgrade any items you purchase (even a book a that's up for purchase....), this is where raw materials come in handy, then you must go off and survive each mission, there are plenty of undead to kill and 3 different bosses to fight (each very strange).


Now while the game seems fun and it is, this game is not perfect, I have 3 major complaints about this game, why is there no online multiplayer? this game would be a lot more fun if you could play with your friends who is not around you, why is there only 1 playable character yet if you go into multiplayer it's just the same girl but in different colors. Lastly which could mess you over the most in gameplay is that why do you get hurt by simply touching a zombie? it was a problem in the last game, zombies do have a attack animation but it seems like it's unneeded if they hurt you by simply touching you.


Other disappointing things is the lack of achievements and undead from the last game, would also been neat to have the level themes from the last game into this but with each mission has differently made levels which is ok.


The graphics in this game is like early PS1 graphics, it isn't bad since you are overhead and looking from a distance but if you get a close up view when you complete a mission then it will look blocky here and there. The audio in the game is good, a bunch of sound effects, the music in the game is ok, what is strange to me the most is that in each song there is a girl moaning....makes you wonder what was going on to make it like that...


At the end of the day Undead Storm Nightmare is a good game, not perfect by any means but it's still fun to play, as a fan of the original game it was sad to see a few things missing and changed but we got some improvements here and there, if you like shooters then I would recommend this, it will take a nice while to 100% complete with the amount of grinding needed, while you are at it I would recommend the original since it's also a fun little game.


Rating: 7/10


Review code given by G-STYLE

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