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Football Up Online

Posted by Undead_terror on January 16, 2015 at 2:50 AM

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about Football Up Online for the 3DS, this is a sports game published and developed by EnjoyUp Gaming, it costs $3.99 US and needs 268 blocks to download.


Football Up was first on the Wiiware, it was pretty bad in pretty much every way yet the game came on to the 3DS, it was better but not by much, we are here once again with the newest title Football Up Online, as the title says this game now offers online for those who thought this was a good game or got it cheap enough on sale, this game is just something to avoid for the most part, might as well explain why.


To start everything off, this game looks and sounds is simply as it gets, poorly made 3D models, backgrounds and bad 3D effect with random voices in the game, there is even grammar mistakes here and there, however there is something to brighten the game up and that is showing the game the creativity of your custom made miis that you unlock after two hours of gameplay...sadly you cannot use miis online making it rather sad if the main focus of the game is online gameplay.


The controls in the game is not all that great, when playing hit boxes isn't that great when trying to get the ball, characters keep switching a bunch when you want to play as a certain character, this can miss you up if you are near a ball and then you switch to someone far away, trying to take the ball from the other team can cause a foul, etc etc.


You got World Cup which is a tournament mode, select your country and what options you want, hoping you can win the game but tough luck with all the bugs you got to deal with, Exhibition Match which is quick game pretty much, training which is what it is, and then multiplayer, you can play the laggy online with friends or strangers, or play local with people and possible give someone a download demo which they will regret ever having on their 3DS.


At the end of the day I wonder why do I even bother, a game with little change has been released once again, something that should of been a update or DLC for the current existing Soccer Up game is being sold as a standalone title, so buggy and lazily made, so horrible that you would only want to play it drunk, I recommend staying away from the game unless it's free.


Rating: 2/10


Review code given by EnjoyUp Gaming.



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