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League of Heroes 3DS

Posted by Undead_terror on January 4, 2015 at 1:10 AM

(Mobile game version pictures have been used in the review)

Guru Undead_terror here to talk about League of Heroes for the 3DS eshop, this game is a hack and slash RPG game that was ported from mobile devices, it was published by Gamelion Studios it costs $4.99 US and needs 700 blocks to download.


The story of the game is simple, you are a warrior who wants to become one of the best of Frognest, you will go into the endless Frognest forest and kill as much monsters and collect as much stuff to become a better warrior. You cannot change the character as you play, you are a blond guy getting his quest on and doing his own thing.


If you never played a hack and slash game then it won't take too long to figure out what it does, in League of heroes you pretty much spam a attack button to hit monsters, you can try to make a big combo, use projectiles to attack or use a special move and magic, you can't block in the game so if you are up in a monsters face then you might want to back up a bit before it hits you, there is little strategy that can be done in a game like this so you must hope for the best really.


You can do main quests, side quests or even challenges, all benefit you buy giving you money and experience, once you level up more, you can do more of the harder quests and unlock harder monsters to fight. Once you earn enough money you can buy better armor and weapons, even buy some perks to help you out, now a problem with the game is that you will also need to get gems to help buy stuff, gems are harder to get then money so trying to get better equipment can be a problem for a few, so replaying some levels will probably be needed to help you advance.


Now to go over items, in the game you have your main weapon, three different pieces of armor (head, body, boots), projectiles, then you can buy different potions and other random items, on your quest you will come across pots and treasure chests that have money, there is stars that come from enemies which is experience points, will come across fangs and acorns along with other things needed for quests, and you will earn gems which is needed to buy certain things because money isn't enough.


The art style in the game in nice looking, it is drawn but it was ported from mobile so the art style is a bit more pixelated in this version, animations in the game is good and each item you have looks different from each other. The game even has different day times and weather which keeps all sorts of variety in the game, you can even have the time on real so if it is night time where you are it will be night time in the game, sadly the real weather feature was dropped in the 3DS version where the game would have the same weather like what was outside your window while playing the game.


The game does have 3D effect but it looks weird, all the items pop out like a pop up book while the ground is in the backgorund, even walking stones, grass, etc just pop out which makes it look so strange but any other in game effect looks fine. The music in the game is ok, seems to fit the game good, other audio is also decent with the grunts and screams.


That is pretty much all the game has to offer, there is a bunch of ranks you can reach, a nice select of equipment to buy, over 60 different kinds of quests and many challenges to beat, if you manage to beat it all you can keep playing levels over again since the game never ends.


At the end of the day, League of Heroes is a good game, it has endless replay value and many stuff to get, it's a easy game to pick up and play, hack and slash fans should like this game and even maybe Monster Hunter fans can have some fun with this. The lack of co-op is sad because this could of made the game even more fun, but League of heroes should be a fun game to pick up and play by many!.


Rating: 7/10

Trailer: (mobile version)

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